uBreakiFix Offers:

  • Low Investment
  • High Growth Industry
  • Financial Performance Statement
  • Recession-Proof
  • #1 Customer Service Rating in the Industry

The uBreakiFix franchise is a concept in high demand. uBreakiFix started back when the original iPhone had just been released and founder, Justin Wetherill, dropped his device. He went to the Apple store and was told it would be $699 for a new phone and that was his only option. He then went home and researched online and found parts to repair the device in China. He ordered these parts and attempted to fix the device himself which resulted in further damage. At this point he realized there is a huge market for this, and at the time, no one was offering any solutions.

Justin then teamed up with friends, David Reiff and Eddie Trujillo, and together they learned how to repair damaged phones. Soon after they found a store location and opened up their first phone repair facility in August of 2009. The store’s sales volume was immediately off the charts, and turned out to be a huge success. At this point, the group realized the huge potential for stores all over the nation. Over the next 3 years, uBreakiFix grew from a single  location in Orlando, FL, to a 45 nation wide store presence, in 13 different markets. Only after constant testing, researching, and proprietary systems creation, did Justin and his business partners decide the concept was ready to sell to franchisees, and the business has been growing ever since.

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