The Boresha Coffee Network Marketing Opportunity

The Boresha Coffee Network Marketing OpportunityThe Boresha Coffee Network Marketing Opportunity

Burn Fat While You Drink Coffee

Infrared Roasting Technology
Boresha’s “State-of-the-Art” infrared roasting technology is a proprietary method by which beans are gently and evenly roasted in small batches to bring out the desired flavor and aroma, and guarantee smooth controlled flavor.
100% Organic
Boresha only uses pure, 100% organic, Fair traded AA Arabica beans handpicked at their prime from the original African soil that assures you of getting the very best crop to cup experience available.
Fair Trade Certified
Fair Trade Certified label guarantees that the coffee was grown responsibly and that the farmers have received fair value for the time, energy, efforts, and intense labor that they invest while handpicking these special shade-grown beans. This ensures an economically and socially sustainable proposition for producers.

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