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TC Franchise Specialists | Welcyon, Fitness After 50 FranchiseWelcyon, Fitness After 50 Franchise

A market ripe for a new idea

In pursuit of longer, healthier lives, aging baby boomers are joining health clubs by the millions. But many find traditional gyms overcrowded, overwhelming and under- serviced, making the market ripe for a better idea. That’s where you, as a Welcyon, Fitness After 50, franchisee can be a game changer in the $22-billion U.S. health club industry.

Offer boomers a better fit

TC Franchise Specialists | Welcyon, Fitness After 50 FranchiseWelcyon is a franchisor of a new kind of health club designed specifically for adults over 50. Here’s our concept: Offer boomers a better experience and healthier results. Include more of what they want and need, like hands-on supervision, interactive user-friendly equipment, effective workouts and a warm, welcoming environment. And back it with turnkey support to ensure your success.

Trailblaze a new industry niche

Distinctly branded, our model makes you a fresh, innovative face in a thriving industry and a front- runner in the emerging field of active aging. What Curves® did for women’s only clubs and Anytime Fitness® for 24/7 convenience clubs, we together can do for the fitness after- 50 category.

Sneakers yes, spandex not so much

Some 100 million Americans — one in every three — are 50 and older, and the market is growing by two million a year. Having spent careers building wealth, boomers are now chasing health, lacing up their sneakers and joining gyms in droves. They are the fastest-growing health club segment, having grown 58% between 2002 – 2011.

Some 11 million belong to gyms, and analysts predict millions more will join, fueling strong industry growth into the next decade. Problem is, boomers have moved beyond the spandex and muscle shirts when many gyms haven’t. This is where you win by offering a better fit.

TC Franchise Specialists | Welcyon, Fitness After 50 FranchiseSmart coaches, smart machines

As a Welcyon franchisee, you bring to market a gym unlike any other. The footprint is small and intimate, the ambiance warm and welcoming, and the highly structured program — consisting of cardio, strength-training, stretching and balance exercises — is effective and reinvigorating.

Accentuating your unique approach, members exercise on safe, air-driven equipment usually found in high-end wellness centers. Powered by smart card technology, these machines greet members by name, count reps and adjust future workouts based on performance. Specially trained fitness coaches offer instruction and support along the way.

Rounding out the experience is a social area that hosts wellness workshops and other events to nurture a sense of community. In short, you bring to market a modern-day “Cheers” — a gym and social gathering place that blends high tech and high touch to carve a niche no one else is filling. If the opportunity to re-write the rules in a $22-billion industry speaks to you, take part in our Discovery Process and learn why we’re a better fit.

Key Welcyon, Fitness After 50 Franchise PointsTC Franchise Specialists | Welcyon, Fitness After 50 Franchise

  1. Boomers are re-enrolling in health clubs in record numbers but generally perceive traditional gyms to be overcrowded, overwhelming and under- serviced. The $22-billion U.S. health club industry is ripe for a better idea.
  2.  Welcyon, Fitness After 50, is responding with a health club model that’s specifically designed for adults over 50. Welcyon provides boomers with a better experience and healthier results than traditional gyms because of the way the clubs are staffed and equipped, and the way members’ workouts are personalized. What Curves ® did for women’s only clubs and Anytime Fitness ® for 24/7 convenience clubs, Welcyon is aiming to do for the 50-plus category.
  3. The Welcyon model is distinctly branded, helping franchisees stand out in a thriving industry, and is suitable for either full-time or semi-absentee ownership.
  4. Though a young company, Welcyon has a remarkably deep, talented and experienced executive team and has put in place turnkey systems that allow franchisees to operate smart and efficiently. The co-founders have over 40 years of healthcare experience combined, particularly in the active aging field, and are former multi-unit health club franchisees, so they know the business from the ground up. One is president of a $200 million nursing home system that is ranked among the 40 largest by the American Healthcare Association.  Three executives joined from Snap Fitness, where they helped build that brand into a worldwide fitness leader. One masterminded the marketing structure and platform that has helped hundreds of Snap franchisees succeed in their local communities, the other led the real estate operation that helps franchisees identify and negotiate suitable sites for their businesses, and the third led the sales efforts and owned more than a dozen Snaps himself, enabling him to provide Welcyon franchisees with invaluable insight as to how to structure their investment and management operation.
  5. Beyond the business appeal of the model, Welcyon is one of those unique opportunities that offers franchisees purpose beyond profit because it’s an enterprise that positively changes customers’ lives and is helping to redefine what aging in America ought to be.

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