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Weed Man is a network of locally owned and operated lawn care professionals providing environmentally responsible fertilization, weed control and integrated pest management services. For the past 35 years, Weed Man’s promise has always been the same: We treat your lawn as if it were our own and provide you with honest and open communication.

The first Weed Man office was opened in Mississauga by Des and Brenda Rice in 1970. They started with an old pickup truck with two 45 gallon drums to hold the weed control and a $500 bank loan. Des and Brenda knocked on doors and talked to anyone who would listen about their new service.

They were very successful. In 1976, Des decide the best way to grow was to offer franchises across Canada so each franchisee could offer the same high quality service he had offered right from the beginning. As time passed Des succeeded in covering Canada with Weed Man franchises like a blanket of heavy January snow. After 35+ years in business there are no franchise areas to be sold throughout Canada.

In 1995, Weed Man entered the United States through a marketing license with Turf Holdings Inc.

In 1999, Weed Man formed Subfranchisor territories that were quickly purchased by some of the biggest names in lawn care.

Today, there are thirteen Subfranchisor territories with over 180 territories operating throughout the United States.

The Weed Man franchise system provides homeowners everywhere with reasonably priced, fully guaranteed lawn care services. These services include regular applications of high quality, slow-release, granular fertilizer, specially formulated for Weed Man franchisees. Other services include: seasonal applications of weed control, custom applications of insect and crabgrass control, liming and mechanical core lawn aeration.


Weed Man

Training: 3 Weeks
Marketing: National Media
Site Selection: Home Based
Number of Employees: 4-6
Business Experience: General Business Experience

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