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TC Franchise Specialists | uBreakiFix FranchiseVery affordable franchise repairing smartphones, computers, cell phones, and small electronics in a industry with great growth potential.
Huge rise in smartphone sales in 2013, the cell phone repair industry revenue is forecast to raise 4.9% per year, and is currently a $4 Billion industry!

  1. Do you want to be your own boss and run your very own business?
  2. Do you want to help eliminate e-waste, and help your community transform society’s throw away culture?
  3. Would you like to be excited about going to work each day, with every day bringing new and exciting challenges?
  4. Would you like to see your hard work and effort impact your own bottom line instead of your employers?
  5. No one likes breaking their expensive technology; would you enjoy seeing a customer’s face light up after presenting them with a repaired device?
  6. Can you imagine wearing shorts every day?
  7. Does staying up-to-date with the latest trends in technology sound like exciting work.
  8. Are you the person that all your family and friends contact with their technology problems and questions?
  9. Would you like the ability to set your own schedule and choose your coworkers?
TC Franchise Specialists | uBreakiFix Franchise

Smart Phones

TC Franchise Specialists | uBreakiFix Franchise

iPads & Tablets

TC Franchise Specialists | uBreakiFix Franchise

Gaming Systems

TC Franchise Specialists | uBreakiFix Franchise

Mac Computers

Was your answer yes to most these questions? Congratulations! You are a perfect candidate for a uBreakiFix franchise!

Why choose a uBreakiFix smartphone repair franchise?

  • Established leader in the rapidly growing electronic repair industry
  • Unparalleled brand recognition and preference in the electronic repair industry
  • Highest quality repair parts in the industry
  • Clean, contemporary, customer friendly store environment
  • Established business model and strong franchise support
  • Multiple development opportunities to suit your individual needs
  • Strong and experienced franchisor that’s opened and operated over 45 corporate locations BEFORE franchising, in just over 3 years!

TC Franchise Specialists | uBreakiFix FranchiseWith today’s technology advancements this industry has unlimited growth, and has yet to reach its prime. So, if you have the desire to learn something new everyday, and a passion for electronics, unlimited growth potential, then uBreakiFix is the franchise for you!

Key Franchise Notes

  • High growth industry
  • Earnings Statement available (Item 19)
  • Low Investment (under $100,000)
  • Recession-Proof (our company started during the recession)
  • Largest in the industry
  • Our company has no debt,  and we have never taken a loan
  • We have the #1 customer service rating in the industry, and one of the best in retail, period.

Concept History:
We started back when the original iPhone had just been released and our founder, Justin Wetherill, dropped his device. He went to the Apple store and was told it would be $699 for a new one and that was his only option. He then went home and researched online and found parts to repair the device in China. He ordered these parts and attempted to fix the device himself which resulted in further damage. At this point he realized there is a huge market for this, and at the time, no one was offering any solutions. TC Franchise Specialists | uBreakiFix FranchiseHe then contacted his friend from college, David Reiff, who was a mechanical engineer and currently working at Lockheed Martin. Together, they created a website with mail-in service and were fixing phones out of Justin’s home for a few months. The demand was good, and people were mailing in their phones from all over the country. At this time, another friend of Justin’s, Eddie Trujillo, had just sold some brick and mortar stores of his and was looking to get into another business. He saw the potential of growth in the company by attempting a retail store-front location just fixing the phones. They got together, found a location, and opened their first repair facility in August of 2009. The store’s sales immediately blew up, and was a huge success. At this point, we realized the huge potential for stores all over the nation. Over the next 3 years, uBreakiFix grew from a single 550sf location in Orlando, FL, to a 45 nation wide store presence, in 13 different markets. Only after constant testing, researching, and proprietary systems creation, did we did decide the concept was ready to sell to franchisees, and we did so in March of 2013.

Training, Support & Assistance

  • Financial Assistance Provided: No
  • Site Selection Assistance: Yes
  • Lease Negotiation Assistance: Yes
  • Co-operative Advertising: Yes
  • Training: 12 Days in classroom, 12-18 days on-site.

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