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A Tim’s Wine Market Franchise is an opportunity that presents a new, innovative approach which sets itself apart from other retail shops, restaurants and wine bars through expertise in wine selection and ordering. Franchisees work with a highly respected, upscale product and become a part of the wine culture.


Our goal is to provide every customer with all the knowledge they need to have an enjoyable wine shopping experience while at the same time providing top quality products to all our valued customers.

The end result: we will not succeed unless we provide each customer with an experience that they will enjoy and share with their family, friends and clients.

The inventory at Tim’s Wine Market is divided into three categories. Most of our sales come from “special features” that we buy in quantity and stack in case quantities around the store.

By purchasing these lots in large quantities we take advantage of special pricing and can pass the savings on to you. Most of the time these products are limited to a number of cases or a period of time.


The second category of inventory that we carry we like to call “core items.” These are products buy in single case quantities and maintain as shelf inventory.

Generally all core items are domestic Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Noir.

They typically are smaller winery products where the quality is very high but production is fairly small. This category also includes some better known products that we carry such as Cakebread, Grgich, Edna Valley, Saintsbury, Franciscan and Rabbit Ridge.

Because of our buying power & proprietary access to Award Wining Wines we can offer competitive prices on these products and a mix and match case discount is available on all products,


The final category is “allocated items.” This would include many hard to get wines such as Peter Michael, Silver Oak, Opus One, Dalla Valle, Neyers, Shafer, Dominus and Pahlmeyer to name a few.

Due to the scarcity of these products we have many more customers than we have wine.

For that reason we reserve these wines to customers who show consistent support of our store by purchasing products in all categories. If you are looking for a specific product please let us know and we will notify you when it comes available. Items that are considered allocated typically sell out shortly after arrival so many times we have to take names well in advance of the arrival of product.


by Orlando Weekly (and OrlandoCitySearch!) (From the Orlando Weekly, published in their “Best of Orlando” issue.)

There’s a fine line between expertise and snobbery, especially when it comes to wine.

The folks at Tim’s understand that. If you want deep chat about oak casks and how the guy who runs Boonie Doon accidentally destroyed his grapes, Tim’s staff is happy to oblige.

But if you’re just looking for a crisp white under $12 that goes well with fish, they’ll point out a few good bottles, briefly explain the differences and send you out the door satisfied.

For a small place, Tim’s is ludicrously well stocked and Tim himself appears to have the connections to get any wine you could possibly request. Add to that prices almost always better than the big discounters, a schedule of informative and fun wine classes and Tim’s habit of keeping a few open bottles out for impromptu tastings and you’ve got the hands down best wine shop in town.

In fact, it’s more than a wine shop, it’s a club house. Tim’s is the kind of place that makes you want to drink. Not for the buzz, but for the opportunity to come back and hang out a while longer.

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