TC Franchise Specialists | The Woodhouse Day Spa Franchise

The Woodhouse Day Spa Franchise

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TC Franchise Specialists | The Woodhouse Day Spa Franchise

ONLY 5 Star Day SPA Franchise in existence. The Woodhouse Day Spa® has 10 years experience in business with 8 years as a Franchise. Unrivaled Franchise support systems allowing someone with NO SPA EXPERIENCE to be successful. Monthly “Plug and Play” Marketing programs are amazing.
Experience a tranquil, transformational environment that¹s both memorable and healthful. From beginning to end, our dedicated spa team ensures that your visit enhances your well-being. Upon entering, you’re treated to a warm smile, a luxurious robe, and reflexology sandals that release the day’s stresses. You’ll relax in our Quiet Room, where a selection of specialty, loose-leaf teas begins your journey to relaxation and rejuvenation.

TC Franchise Specialists | The Woodhouse Day Spa Franchise

Each of our holistic treatments begins with a Calming Ritual that eases you into a state of peace and inner reflection, and ends with an Awakening Ritual that utilizes the therapeutic benefits of essential oils to heighten awareness and to help strengthen the benefits received from each service. Our spa is designed to create an atmosphere of inspiration by incorporating the elements that awaken all five senses, warming your heart and freeing your mind. The Woodhouse Experience consists of 99 Elements that we have created to ensure you receive an outstanding experience each time you visit The Woodhouse Day Spa®

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