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Welcyon- Fitness after 50 – is a fitness center designed specifically for people over 50 years of age. Welcyon is committed to changing tull consultingAmerica by improving the health and vitality of at least 1 million aging adults.We are passionate about active aging and the ability to be strong. Above all else, Welcyon is dedicated to serving customers. We are built on the values of honesty,integrity teamwork, and servant leadership. We are committed to innovation and strive for excellence on a daily basis.

One in every three Americans— are 50 and older, and the market is growing by two million a year. Having spent careers building wealth, boomers are now chasing health, lacing up their sneakers and joining gyms in droves. They are the fastest-growing health club segment, having grown 58% between 2002 – 2011.

s a Welcyon franchisee, you bring to market a gym unlike any other. The footprint is small and intimate, the ambiance warm and welcoming, and the highly structured program — consisting of cardio, strength-training, stretching and balance exercises — is effective and reinvigorating.

What makes Welcyon different than traditional gyms?

  • Welcyon is a niche market for people 50 and over. The welcoming atmosphere and fitness details are designed to meet the needs and desires of aging adults.
  • Programming is designed by physical therapist Mark Richards, M.P.T.; protocols for workouts follow the American College of Sports Medicine guidelines.
  • Specially-trained fitness coaches take a health history and customize a workout program for each member, with an emphasis on safety and supervision.
  • Each member receives a one-on-one orientation to get familiar with equipment and protocols.
  • There is ongoing guidance and supervision without the hourly expense of a trainer.
  • Programs include aerobic exercise, balance training, flexibility, and strength training to build valuable muscle mass and help prevent falls. Welcyon is proud to offer unique balance training programs and equipment that aren’t found at traditional gyms.
  • Welcyon offers a program that provides maintenance of exercise following completion of rehabilitation.
  • To minimize the risk of injury and incidents, Welcyon is equipped with air-powered strength training equipment that provides stable, controlled, objective, and reproducible exercises.
  • Welcyon takes advantage of Smart Card technology. This innovative tool takes the guesswork out of strength-training workouts. Members use a programmed card that contains their personal weight load and counts repetitions. Members can also track progress through comparison graphs.
  • Welcyon offers a social area where members can share a cup of coffee with a buddy, play cards, or work on a puzzle. There’s even a Welcyon book club and opportunities to play Wii Sports.

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