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TC Franchise Specialists | Solar Universe FranchiseSolar Universe is a rapidly expanding Solar Energy sales and installation company based in Livermore, CA.  Solar energy is a cornerstone to the explosive movement to Alternative and ‘Green’ energy production, carbon/environmental minimization, and decreased reliance on imported oil.  Solar Energy production is possible across the US, and with Federal, State and possible local incentives has become a viable and affordable source of clean energy.  Currently growing at over 108% per year, the Solar Industry is a unique bright spot in the economy.As solar energy becomes has become a multi-billion dollar market, the need for qualified and professional installers has increased.  No longer a ‘fringe’ industry, the Solar Universe model applies proven methods in Sales & Marketing, Engineering, Operations, Installation and ongoing customer service to maximize profits and minimize waste in all business areas.  A Solar Universe franchisee undergoes extensive training and receives ongoing support in all areas of the business and has the opportunity to contribute best known methods to the franchise network.Solar Universe franchisees focus their energies on sales, marketing, and installation, while the Solar Universe “home office” provides the technology backbone of the network, conducts ongoing Research & Development, vendor and supplier negotiations, and national/international branding activities.

Our average Franchise unit revenue is $1.8 million per year with 23.1% gross margin.
Features of Solar Universe:

  • Green industry involvement
  • Early in industry/market
  • Fragmented competitive environment
  • Extremely scalable
  • Both high-tech and hands-on
  • POSITIVE impact on customers, community and environment
  • Financial Incentives provided to customers to ‘go solar’ by local, state and/or Federal government

Function of the owner/daily tasks:

Owner operators are primarily responsible for Sales & Marketing activities on a daily basis.  Owners coordinate system installations through their own crews or via subcontractors until business has established the demand for their own crew(s).  Owner conducts sales calls to qualified prospects and/or manages sales force, coordinates supply chain activities (orders, deliveries, drop shipments, etc.), attends ‘turn ons’, delivers to the customer their owner’s manual, hosts marketing events, maintains relationships with other Solar Universe franchisees through the Solar Universe Network, home office, events, etc.  Attends owner and ‘train the trainer’ education courses at SolarUniversity.

TC Franchise Specialists | Solar Universe Franchise


Desired background of prospects and Ideal candidate:
The ideal Solar Universe Franchisee is the “Entrepreneurial Team Player”  This person is successful, has the aptitude for sales & marketing (or can maximize a centralized sales & marketing service), is team leader, can both ‘follow the path’ and ‘blaze new trails’ when no path has been defined.  A believer in the values of Quality, Safety, Service and Consistency, the franchisee recognizes that the value of their business is reflected by how they and their team perform in every aspect of the business.  Experience in the trades is helpful, a current construction license is not required in CA where we offer non-contractors the ability to work under a corporate license program.  The ability to partner with a licensed contractor is an alternative.

Franchise Partner prospects should have at least $150K in liquid assets.  For a minimum territory, a franchisee is expected to invest $100K-$125k over the first six months in business. Franchisees are expected to be full-time, active owner/operators and must be able to attend the required training program(s) in Livermore, CA.

Key Points about a Solar Univeres Franchise

  • Just in time inventory system means Franchisee does not have to stock inventory
  • No large warehouse needed, lower cost of entry & lower expenses
  • 3-5 employees
  • Customer financing available, this allows us to compete
  • Customers have no money down, low interest financing available
  • Able to reduce customer’s monthly utility bill by 20-40% in most cases
  • Strong item 19 ($1.8 million/yr with 23.1% margin)

Training, Support & Assistance

  • Financial Assistance Provided: No
  • Site Selection Assistance: Yes
  • Lease Negotiation Assistance: Yes
  • Co-operative Advertising: No
  • Training: 21 Days -2 Weeks training at home office in Livermore, Ca this is for sales, operations & technical training. Then 1 week at Franchisee’s location when they open.

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