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At Sitters, Etc., our Franchise Partners will leverage 10 consecutive years of senior care knowledge and best practices. WE ARE NOT A STARTUP!

Sitters, Etc. has employed over 300 Experienced Caregivers in the Southeast U.S. since 2003, providing the full range of services from staffing nursing homes and hospitals to 24/7 in-home care. Our program includes extensive pre-launch training and “quarterly on-site coaching” at the franchisee location.

Sitters, Etc. has developed a powerful smartphone/I-Pad/Computer tool ( CareCheck24®)  specifically designed to assist caregivers with daily care plan updates & alerts.

Our mission is to provide the franchise operator with “best practices” for caregiver recruitment and retention.

Key Sitters, Etc. Franchising Points

  • 10-Year Company History of Caregiver Recruitment & Training Skills
  • CareCheck24® Smartphone/I-Pad/Computer application to ensure proper daily care updates and alert monitoring
  • CareCheck24® Dynamic Scoring System for Caregiver monitoring
  • Quarterly “On-site Mentoring” Program for Franchisees
  • Advanced Staffing & Backoffice Support Software Platform

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