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Sanford Rose Associates’ mission is simple: to be the preferred provider of custom recruiting services to clients worldwide. We pride ourselves on presenting the highest caliber candidates to our clients faster than our competitors. Finding People Who Make A Difference® is more than just our slogan.

Sanford Rose Associates’ focus on exclusive relationships with companies enables us to identify and carefully court the top people for each position. Our clients pay us well; typical fees are between 25% and 35% of first-year cash compensation for each filled position.

A few competitive advantages of the Sanford Rose Associates business model: ” First, there is the proprietary Sanford Rose Associates methodology – Dimensional Search® – which creates a unique three-dimensional profile that matches a candidate’s personal skill level to job requirements, past experience to future expectations and management style to corporate culture.

” Second, there is our history of excellence. The original Sanford Rose Associates office opened in 1959. Our first franchises were licensed in 1970. Since then, SRA International, the system’s parent company, has awarded a limited number of independently owned franchises each year.”

Finally, each SRA office specializes in a particular industry or occupation, and the professionals in each office are experts in that field – often having spent a number of years on the front lines of their industry.

Business Ownership Right For Me?

Although people enter the Sanford Rose Associates system for a variety of reasons, almost all of our current franchise owners had two desires in common:

  • To create wealth for themselves
  • To gain greater control of their lives.

Many had worked for companies where work and travel schedules increasingly interfered with their life at home…where constant changes in strategic direction wreaked havoc with workforce morale and productivity…and where personal performance was eclipsed by corporate politics. In order to get ahead, many also found the need to uproot their families and change jobs every several years.

If you are considering business ownership as an alternative to employment, you can truthfully answer “YES” to these brief questions:

  • Are you ready to be your own boss?
  • Do your past accomplishments give you confidence that you can a build a business for yourself?
  • Are you willing to invest a portion of your personal resources to make your dream come true?
  • Do you have sufficient liquidity to cover financial needs while the business is getting started?
  • Will other family members support your decision?

Should I Join A Franchise System?

Starting a brand new business is often a trial-and-error process, with the owner trying to learn from each mistake before the business fails.

Franchising provides an alternative way to become a business owner by eliminating much of the trial and error.

The Growing Market For Executive Search

Today more than ever, companies need people – and they can’t always find them on their own.

The combination of new job creation and high employee turnover has created a huge demand for highly qualified talent that cannot be met through such traditional means as promotion from within, employee referrals and advertising. With lean Human Resource staffs, companies increasingly outsource their recruiting needs.

SRA’s executive search franchise offers the combination of low capital investment, potentially high return on investment, strong customer demand and utmost professionalism. It’s both a business and a profession you can feel proud to be a part of.


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