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What is Renaissance Executive Forums?
Renaissance EXECUTIVE FORUMS is an international company that provides business solutions to the top executives of mid-sized businesses.

Our Program
A system of programs, processes and tools designed to help chief executives of mid-sized businesses take their companies from where they are now to where they want them to be. Top executives in mid-sized businesses can have a difficult time keeping up with all that they need to know to effectively operate and grow their businesses. Day-to-day pressures can keep them from the “important, but not urgent” part of running the operation and planning for the future. They may have the desire to learn more, to get new ideas, to get feedback from trusted advisors – they often don’t have the time or the resources. When the chief executive cannot trust his employees to give him an honest opinion, cannot afford to hire an outside consultant, or cannot take the time for 8-week long management training programs, where can they go for help? That is where Executive Forums comes in. Our program provides these business leaders with the chance to spend concentrated, focused time in a safe high quality sharing and learning environment. Think of it as an ongoing M.B.A. program.

You will be involved in a variety of functions as you build and operate your business, including:

  • Trainer, Facilitator, Consultant & Coach
  • Business Manager
  • Marketer & Salesperson

Once you get your Forum groups up and running you will be working individually and collectively with the members. In this regard, the majority of your time will be leveraged in group sessions, primarily in the monthly half-day Forum meetings. You will plan, prepare and facilitate this meeting (using the format, templates and tools that we provide). Your main role will be as a facilitator making certain that all of the elements of the meeting receive appropriate focus and that all of the members actively participate. Quarterly coaching sessions with individual members places you in the role of consultant/coach.

What we offer our Business Partners:

  • Renaissance EXECUTIVE FORUMS offers a proven business model with excellent sales and marketing tools, world-class training and support that is second to none.
  • Our marketing and operational strategies are innovative and results-driven. We have developed proprietary programs such as the Performance Management Program and Strategies for Success, top rated tools for developing personal and professional goals.
  • Our proven business model can be adapted to your own style and offers the ultimate in flexibility. You’ll have the freedom to work when you want along with the opportunity to earn a solid, stable income while building equity through exclusive, protected territories.
  • Your success is our success and we take every opportunity to help you achieve your goals.
  • This unique business opportunity allows you to help others without the intense travel and transient nature that traditional coaching and consulting generally entail. You will have the control over where you spend your time.

Unrivaled Training
Our Franchisees are trained in our proprietary methods for helping members develop and achieve their personal and professional goals. With more than 15 years in business, our model is time-tested and proven through experience.

  • Marketing Support
  • Exclusive, Protected Territory
  • Modest Initial Investment

Business Development
Very few people like to make cold sales calls, and we find that our Franchisees are no different. That’s why we developed a unique marketing process to assist our Franchisees in new member recruitment. Consider Renaissance EXECUTIVE FORUMS the ultimate in back office support. Our efforts fit in perfectly with the work that you are doing to grow your business.

What Our Business Partners Say: “For anyone with a solid business background who is interested in a challenging new direction for his or her career, I cannot think of a better opportunity than becoming an Executive Forums franchisee.” –Tom Jackson, Charlotte

“After being in Corporate America for 23 years I became a franchisee. Now celebrating my second anniversary as a business owner, I feel like ‘I’ve got control of my own destiny back.'” –Douglas Packard, Maine and New Hampshire

What We’re Looking For
The ideal Executive Forums Franchisee is the experienced executive who wants to take charge of their work environment, control their income, work in a professional environment and is dedicated to excellence and quality in the things that they do. The ideal candidate is the professional who is committed to growing personally and professionally and is driven to help others meet their personal goals and business objectives. Please fill out the form below for more information on Executive Forums franchise.

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