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TC Franchise Specialists | Pro Martial Arts Franchise


The Opportunity
If you are considering a franchising opportunity, several factors should be considered before you decide:

  • You want to enter a proven, thriving, and recession-resistant market.
  • You want to become associated with a franchise company that has demonstrated financial success.
  • You want to know that its franchisees are successful.
  • You want to partner with a known brand that lowers or eliminates the barriers to success.
  • You want to be thoroughly trained and supported every step of the way, from startup financing to marketing.
  • You want a business model that is not rigid and gives you flexibility and freedom.

That is exactly what you get with a Pro Martial Arts franchise. To experience a franchise model designed from your perspective, review the information in this website and start living your dream lifestyle today.
TC Franchise Specialists | Pro Martial Arts Franchise
Allow Karate to Provide You The American Dream
If you have ever wanted to own your own sports-related and/or fitness-related business, work with adults and children and become more involved in your community, Pro Martial Arts is the right franchise for you! PRO MARTIAL ARTS Franchise is a membership physical fitness system consisting of a unique program which incorporates karate training and self-defense regimens including operations manuals, training and instruction programs that include Grandmaster Samane’s Karate methods and PRO MARTIAL ARTS martial arts physical fitness techniques and character building education. We have rights to and own the name “PRO MARTIAL ARTS By Grandmaster Samane” and a unique System for the operation of a karate school utilizing skilled instructors trained in the Grandmaster Samane’s Karate methods.

We offer a world-class franchise program and ongoing support to our franchisees, and we will walk you through each step of the franchise process to ensure your success.

Why the Fitness Market?
We realize that you have a wide range of choices in franchise opportunities. So, why is fitness the right market for you?

Consider the fact that a million people join some type of fitness club or facility each year, pushing membership to 41.3 million people nationwide and health/fitness gross revenue to US$19 billion annually.* This number is likely to grow as more people commit to an active lifestyle, often spurred by the increasing number of corporate wellness programs and health insurance incentives.

* Source: Sports Data Health Club Trend Report

TC Franchise Specialists | Pro Martial Arts FranchisePro Martial Arts Franchise Benefits

We are committed to helping our franchise owners establish the best karate-training program throughout the world. Our business experience and operational system has proven to assist our franchisees to grow business quickly, efficiently, and successfully.


  • School Layout – Our system will give you drawings to help you choose the best, most efficient layout for your karate school.
  • Karate School Start-Up – With hundreds of items to take care of prior to opening the school, it is very difficult, if not overwhelming, to continue working while preparing to open. Our experienced staff will work with you to make the entire process easy.
  • Operations/Training Manual – With nearly 19 years of experience in operating company-owned and franchised karate schools, we have created a manual for franchise owners. This will act as your blue print for success and provide you with proven tips, strategies, and systems that are proven to work. The franchise operations manual will show you exactly how to teach the Grandmaster Samane karate techniques and how to conduct your school training sessions.
  • Test Marketing – We continue to test ideas and strategies at several test locations in order to provide all of our franchise locations with the latest and most effective methods of growing their businesses.
  • Marketing – Direct mail pieces, TV commercials, national PR collateral and press releases, strategic business partnerships, referral cards, trainer incentives and other marketing programs have been created and tested to increase your student-member base.
  • Franchise Education – During our training program, you will be taken through the important processes in running your own business. All aspects of the Pro Martial Arts program are systematized to make it easy for you. Hundreds of hours of trial and error over the years have resulted in a comprehensive training program complete with practical experience at an existing Pro Martial Arts school facility in addition to classroom sessions.
  • Recruiting – Our experience recruiting for company-owned and Pro Martial Arts franchise karate schools provides us with a platform for our franchise owners to recruit and hire top instructors and managers.
  • Internet Exposure – You receive your own mini-Pro Martial Arts Web site. Many potential students contact us through our Web site daily to get started in a training program. The site is continuously updated to be more helpful in the growth of all franchise locations.

TC Franchise Specialists | Pro Martial Arts Franchise
If you are interested in the independence and financial rewards that come from owning your own successful business, and you are ready to put in the effort it takes to become a winner, then apply to become a part of the Pro Martial Arts Franchise Team!

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