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Padgett Business Services Franchise

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TC Franchise Specialists | Padgett Business Services FranchisePadgett Business Services

  Padgett Business Services provides small to medium size businesses with a wide array of business services, such as accounting, financial reporting, tax preparation, government compliance, payroll services, general business consulting, and more. Padgett’s clients are able to free themselves from the tasks, paperwork, and details that often bog down businesses.

The Padgett Mission Statement is to be the recognized provider of accounting and tax services. We focus on Owner- Operated Businesses with fewer than twenty employees in the services/retail sector of the economy. Our franchisees are the primary business advisors to these small business owners incorporating payroll services, financial reporting and tax planning and preparation. Our franchisees help the small business owner to focus on running their business more successfully.

Our franchisees have skills and backgrounds in accounting & finance and other areas of business and management.

What Makes Padgett Successful

We have 45 years of experience in the accounting/tax industry. The value that our franchisees have is the expertise and knowledge that Padgett provides to its franchisees and in turn clients. Padgett is successful because we know how to offer value for the small business owner, while maintaining the profitability for the franchisee’s business through our marketing programs and systems.

A Typical Franchisee Day 

The day in the life depends upon what the franchisee is seeking. At first, franchisees participate is our operations and marketing trainings (2 weeks). As the franchisee continues to proceed with our franchise, he or she will begin to develop a plan for their first hire. The first hire maybe skilled for data entry or telemarketing. We also have salesperson programs. In short, the franchisee goes thru 3 different phases – Me / We and They (where the franchisee is actually overseeing the business)… Every person is unique and our goal is to help determine their direction based upon what they want.

Key Padgett Business Services Franchise Points

  • B2B
  • Multiple services provide more revenue options
  • Repeat and ongoing services
  • Low initial employee requirements
  • Regular business hours
  • Proprietary software for operations and marketing
  • Highly scaleable

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