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Max Muscle Sports Nutrition Franchise

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Why Sports Nutrition?

  1. In spite of the economy, The Sports Nutrition and Weight Loss (SNWL) industry is projected to be more than $24 Billion by 2015, up over 25% since 1998 (SOURCE: Nutrition Business Journal).
  2. People everywhere are paying much more attention to their health, nutrition, exercise, and overall wellness … And, nutritional supplements are part of their plan. There is growing recognition of the importance of nutrition and fitness to help patients fight debilitating illnesses,e.g. heart disease, cancer, and HIV diseases. Literally millions and millions of people are realizing the value of good nutrition as a main strategy to create greater longevity through better health.
  3. Gyms and health clubs continue to open, and the membership counts are on the rise, and there are many great facilities to go work out at. However, the nutrition side of the industry is populated with retail vitamin stores and fitness centers that are not equipped to assist clients with anything close to a detailed personal fitness analysis and client-specific custom meal, exercise, and nutritional solutions.
  4. Over 79% of America’s doctors and nurses recommend nutritional supplements for their patients! In addition, 3 out of 4 doctors and nurses personally consume nutritional supplements themselves! (SOURCE: Drug Store News)
  5. Max Muscle Sports Nutrition (MMSN) is the answer, with stores operated by trained Franchisees and Employees, coupled with customer and powerful systems software, all designed to to fill this gap. After 20 years, we’ve proven that our products are the best in the industry. And for over 5 years, through MMSN Franchise locations we’re the market leader in offering custom client specific nutritional programs, guidelines, and solutions.

It’s an amazing market, and if you believe that health and fitness are important to quality of life, if you’re active in your own fitness program, and if you are seeking a way to serve your community as a positive agent for change … then we’d like to talk to you.

  1. High Margins, 50-71%
  2. High average client purchase – $68.00
  3. Strong repeat purchase 10 to 12 x yearly, as product packaging is a 1 month supply
  4. Low employee overhead … 3 to 4 total employees per store.
  5. Great owner-operator model, absentee as well
  6. short retail hours, option to close Sundays, never open on Holidays.



Many people are looking to keep their jobs, but build a multi unit franchise as part of their portfolio. Max Muscle Sports Nutrition has designed a new simplified format to support this mindset. The key points are:

  1. 900 to 1000 sq ft stores
  2. 3-4 total employees, including a FT manager
  3. Manager earns a mionority share in the franhise over time
  4. Franchise Owner keeps their job, and looks in on the business 5-10 hours a week
  5. Hires General Manager once 3 stores are open
  6. Greatly reduced Franchise fees on multi unit purcase
  7. Reducing royalty by combining multi store volumes
  8. Advertising rebate covers monthly royalty is most cases

Key Points About this Franchise

  • Low start up costs … on average a store can be opened for $140-155,000
  • 3-4 employees maximum needed, francisee can be owner operator or absentee
  • Sports Nutrition Coach certification, plus MaxMuscle online university
  • Short retail hours – Monday- Saturday, Sundays at franchisee option, closed on all holidays.
  • High average client purchase, 10-12 x repeate sales per client per year
  • 50-71% initial gross margins

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