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LearningRx brain training centers use intense game-like activities that empower anyone of any age to learn faster and easier. Tutoring and other programs reinforce WHAT students must learn (information). LearningRx brain training centers identify and strengthen the skills behind HOW students learn. We treat the cause rather than the symptoms.Positively Impact Your Community And Change Lives With LearningRx
LearningRx franchisees benefit from a results-driven system that features:

  • Award-winning franchisee satisfaction.
  • A proven business model.
  • Systematic, easy to learn brain-training programs.
  • Programs that help build nine major learning skills.
  • Curriculum that’s appropriate for all ages which equals huge market potential for your business.

LearningRx Programs Are ProvenTC Franchise Specialists | LearningRx Franchise
LearningRx results are unmatched. On average, LearningRx students gain 12 months of reading or learning skills for each month they train with us. While developing and testing LearningRx programs, more than 10,000 students from over 500 doctors’ offices and clinics averaged these remarkable improvements. LearningRx programs are proven and they work!

Who Are We Looking For?
Ideal LearningRx franchisees possess:

  • Passion
  • Higher calling to help people
  • Integrity and honesty
  • Professionalism
  • Good management skills
  • Drive to make their business succeed

LearningRx uses fun game-like activities to help preschoolers, struggling students and even seniors improve the way they learn and think. Our patent pending brain training programs are even helping soldiers regain skills they lost after traumatic brain injury.

Brain Researchers now believe that brain training will be the next wave of education. As an industry leader, LearningRx is #1 in results and helps improve all major brain skills including memory, attention, and processing speed.

We recently surveyed our franchisees with the open question, “What were the top three reasons you selected a LearningRx franchise.

  • 100% indicated: an amazing product that changes people’s lives
  • 63% indicated: a service that will allow me to help my community
  • 53% indicated: the potential for personal growth and independence
  • 32% indicated: the integrity and value system of the franchisor

Benefit From Our Powerful Business System & Comprehensive Support

Combining the LearningRx business system with LearningRx’s proven programs has created a personally and professionally rewarding experience for our franchisees.LearningRx provides some of the most extensive franchisee support in the industry. As a LearningRx franchisee you will receive:

  • Comprehensive initial training that prepares you to open your center.
  • Marketing and advertising support to promote the launch of your new center.
  • Professionally designed marketing materials including the LearningRx Magazine—a customized direct mail magazine, as well as print ads, postcards, radio spots, and Internet marketing campaigns that further promote your center.
  • Access to the center management system, a centralized web portal where you can obtain sales and marketing tools, test analysis data, sales figures, statistics from your center, and share ideas with other franchisees.
  • Continuing education and onsite support. A master trainer will spend four days at your center showing you how to turn prospects into customers, and providing any additional guidance. Monthly telephone conferences and our annual convention provide you with ongoing support.

Hear from a Franchisee…..

“This would be an excellent business for anyone who loves working and making positive contributions to children’s lives. Results are so profound that they will impact a person’s life forever, and thus is very satisfying emotionally. You can always sell sandwiches and sodas, but here you feed their brains, not their tummies.”

– – Ali Hashemian, LearningRx Franchisee

“I chose LearningRx because it is such a unique system. It is a fantastic way to help others learn and the market does not seem to be saturated with competitors. The more I researched LearningRx, the more intrigued I was about it and its results. My passion is working with children, and making a difference in other’s lives. With LearningRx I get to accomplish both and not only enjoy the outcome, but the progression as well.”

– – Betsy DeVega, LearningRx Franchisee

“It has been a fabulous experience becoming a Learning Rx franchisee. I have really felt like I have become a part of a new family. The support has been tremendous, along with the innovative and creative ideas of all other franchisees and corporate staff. I really get the feel we are on the cutting edge of making a difference in education. The marketing and sales materials are second to none in quality and it is great to be a part of and included in ideas for their development. It is exciting to watch the lives of individuals change in front of your eyes.”

– – Russell Griffiths, LearningRx Franchisee


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  • Financial Assistance Provided: No
  • Site Selection Assistance: Yes
  • Lease Negotiation Assistance: No
  • Recruiting Assistance: Yes
  • Co-Operative Advertising: Yes
  • Training: 10 days in Colorado Springs, CO, onsite consultation and business coach training, and ongoing franchise coach support.

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