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TC Franchise Specialists | Lawn Doctor Franchise

Thumbs up to an incredible franchise opportunity.

Join the business consistently ranked #1 in the lawn care franchise industry by Entrepreneur magazine. For more than 40 years, Lawn Doctor® has been perfecting the science of lawn care and helping customers take pride in their healthy, beautiful lawns. Our logo, the Green Thumb, is a symbol of the lawn care expertise we’re famous for.

Thumbs up to an opportunity that builds on your skills.
Picture yourself running and growing your own business. A business where you can use your leadership skills to manage a staff that does the day-to-day work. A business where you can put your sales skills to work in your own community. A business that gives you the financial freedom to take time off when your busy season is over. A business that allows you to make it to more soccer games.

TC Franchise Specialists | Lawn Doctor Franchise“The skills that make you successful in other areas of your life will help you as a franchisee. I had no experience with grass or agronomics at all, and it didn’t slow me down a bit.”Joe DiMarino, Lawn Doctor of Frederick, MD

Thumbs up to a growth industry.
Pride in home is a defining trend for today’s consumers. As more people work, entertain and access entertainment at home, their surroundings become even more important. A beautiful lawn adds value to a home and is one of the few improvements where homeowners can recoup their total investment when they sell.

Lawn Doctor is perfectly positioned to capitalize on the consumer desire for beautiful outdoor living spaces to complement their homes. We fill a need for consumers who want the beauty, without the burden of doing it themselves.

With average annual gross sales of $390,195 and a 70% average gross profit margin, Lawn Doctor’s earnings potential is impressive.*

TC Franchise Specialists | Lawn Doctor FranchiseThumbs up to a national brand presence.

People know Lawn Doctor as the “green thumb people.” People trust Lawn Doctor and value our personalized service. Not surprisingly, we lead the category in customer satisfaction, with more than three-fourths of our customers renewing their services after seeing our results. Happy customers are loyal customers.

“When you’re first starting out, it really helps to have a nationally recognized brand. So you don’t look like a little start-up business, you’re perceived as a very sophisticated lawn care business.”
Glen Koshko, Lawn Doctor of Columbia, MD

Thumbs up to great training and support.

After 40 years in the industry, Lawn Doctor has perfected the science of lawn care franchising. And we give our franchisees all the tools they need to run the business.

  • Onsite training and an aggressive ongoing support program to help you learn how to run a successful Lawn Doctor franchise.
  • Online manuals and business management software to make running your Lawn Doctor franchise turnkey.
  • Marketing & Sales – Our “Ramp Up” Marketing Program will start delivering you leads from day one.
  • A staff of talented industry professionals dedicated to supporting the system in all areas of the business, so you’re never out there alone.
  • Custom van layout and patented Turf Tamer® application equipment to greatly increase your efficiency and productivity.
  • Recurring revenues and up-sell services to grow your business faster.

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