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Kidproof Safety Franchise

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TC Franchise Specialists | Kidproof Safety Franchise

Kidproof Safety is currently only being offered internationally.  

Kidproof’s mission is to provide a unique opportunity to build a successful business while helping to keep children safe. Kidproof strives to be the leader in providing proactive, preventative child safety education in North America.

The Concept
Through the proven Kidproof system, you will teach families valuable and necessary life lessons that will prepare them to make safer choices in today’s changing world. If your dream is to enjoy a fun and rewarding career, while helping to protect children in your community, a Kidproof Franchise may be your dream come true! Kidproof is truly a business with meaning.

TC Franchise Specialists | Kidproof Safety Franchise

About the Company
Kidproof was created by Samantha Wilson, a high-profile, internationally recognized expert in child and family safety, former police officer, best-selling author, and award-winning social entrepreneur.

Kidproof is an established brand with 10 years of experience gaining national exposure and global appeal.

Keeping children safe is a fundamental need, but how to do that in today’s rapidly changing world is a challenge for most – but not Kidproof! Our exclusive, subject-specific programs are updated regularly to ensure that we are addressing the risks kids face now – not later.

It takes a community to keep kids safe and we attract outstanding, caring, and focused people to our child safety education franchise family
TC Franchise Specialists | Kidproof Safety FranchiseUnique, Fun & Beneficial Franchise
Kidproof Safety is one of the fastest growing child safety education franchises in the world.  In fact, it is the only child safety education franchise of its kind!

We have been successfully delivering our child safety programs to families and educators in communities for over a decade, and now we are extending our world-class curriculum to children around the world through Master Franchise and Area Development Opportunities.

Child safety is a timeless, global, and fundamental need that is on the mind of every parent.  Whether they have a newborn baby or a school-aged child, a parent’s top priority is to do whatever it takes to ensure their child is safe. But, in today’s changing world, parents find it hard to keep up with what works and what doesn’t.

Now more than ever, the need for current, effective, and relative safety education has never been stronger.  Our children live in a world in which is different than when their parents were kids.  Children need to learn critical thinking skills, problem solving skills, and  the ability to make safe choices in potentially unsafe situation if they are going to stay safe.

TC Franchise Specialists | Kidproof Safety FranchiseKidproof safety programs are a fundamental need for children and families alike.  But what makes us even more special, is that our programs are never scary, and always non-threatening, empowering and entertaining!



Talking Points

  • Home based
  • Recession resistant
  • Regular business hours
  • Few employees to manage
  • Creative
  • Minimum competition
  • Repeat business
  • Quick ramp-up time

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