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JockSale operates in the Red-Hot Consignment Event Industry. JockSale Consignment events last 7 to 10 days and are held 2 to 4 times a year in a given territory. (Territory Size about 200,000). The main products offered at our events are sporting gear, outdoor gear, hobby gear, exercise equipment and even tools. Just imagine anything you would see in a Large Sporting Goods Department Store like Dicks Sporting Goods, Academy Sports or Sports Authority are bought and sold at a JockSale Event. Every household in America has this gear in their homes. JockSale franchise owners can do this business part-time while owning one territory and keeping a day job or do it full-time if owning multiple territories. JockSale is an Unforgettable Brand Name and has many advantageous business principles. Contact us to learn more. Have a JockSale in your community today!

Ideal Candidate:
A person looking for supplementary income and enjoys sports and the outdoors but is looking for a low risk venture or maybe is having trouble taking the Entrepreneur Plunge. JockSale is their business. It requires very little sales skills. It can be done with keeping a full-time job or owning other businesses.

Role of the Franchisee:
The Owners main objective is to market and run their 7 to 10 day event. We have developed an easy operating system to make this simple. JockSale was developed by experienced zor’s with other successful concepts. We know what zee’s need to be successful.

Need to Know:
• Almost every household has this gear
• We rent large vacant spaces about 8,000 sqf, like Gyms, Civic Centers, Empty Retail Spaces for 7 to 10 days. We can be mobile from event to event.
• Once a Consignor or Buyer attends a JockSale Event, they keep coming back. So we build on each event.
• We have developed Proprietary Software to run our Events and Business.
• It is a community Based Business, much of the unsold gear goes to a local charity.
• JockSale is franchising in its simplest form. Great Brand Name, Good Training, Awesome System and Easy to Operate.
• 8 Week Ramp up time for 1st Event.
• We have some Video on our Website under the YouTube Icon of our Very 1st Event.

Key JockSale Franchise Points

No Employees — We use Volunteers
No Inventory to Purchase – Supplied by our Consignors
No Long-Term Retail leases to sign—We only rent spaces for 7 to 10 days.
Keep a job or own another Franchise – JockSale can be done Part-time.
It is FUN!

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