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A $150-Billion Dollar Annual Market Says You’ve Found the Right Franchising Opportunity


Take Advantage of the ‘Do-It-For-Me’ Market. Team Up With The Leader: HouseDoctors.

Thank you for your interest in House Doctors. We have an incredible opportunity for you in professional handyman and home improvement services.

Age is catching up with the Boomers who made Do-It-Yourself (DIY) so successful. Instead of getting up on a ladder to install that new ceiling fan, they’d now rather pay someone to do it. This shift has created the skyrocketing Do-It-For-Me (DIFM) market and it’s huge.

Over 80-million Boomers have turned 60. Add dual income families with time constraints and upwardly mobile young professionals, and you have a North American market that will spend over $150-billion annually on home repair services. That’s right, $150 billion. Growth in DIFM is so explosive, The Wall Street Journal identified it as one of the fastest-growing franchise categories.

TC Franchise Specialists | House Doctors FranchiseSo you’ve definitely found the right franchise category and, in HouseDoctors, you’ve found the right franchise partner. Why are we so confident about that? As with all successful businesses, the key is the business model. If you have a superior business model, you’ll realize success. Invest in a so-so business model – and no matter how hard you work – you will struggle.

So let’s strip away all the franchising sales hoopla and take a look at how the HouseDoctors business model has you poised for success.

HouseDoctors Business Model Will Propel Your Success.

A truism in sales and marketing is that you have to know what your customers want to buy.

HouseDoctors knows exactly how customers shop, select and value handyman services. Our business model is based on this market insight. Which means from day one, you’ll be selling what and how your customers want to buy.

Our Professional approach to the industry will enable you to immediately differentiate yourself from the competition and carve your niche out of the “handyman” marketplace. But it doesn’t stop there; property owners, whether residential or commercial, appreciate our unique ability to take care of most home improvements. The potential is huge. That’s the House Doctors difference.

Organizationally, you’ll be light years ahead, too. HouseDoctors understands your desire to run a business. Many of our most successful franchisees have come from the corporate world and have no desire to swing a hammer. Our proprietary training and support gives you the organizational structure to effectively manage, market, and grow your franchise.

Franchisee Training and support

A 4-6 week, at-home, pre-training, Fast Start Program when members of our Support Team will work with you preparing Budgets, and Business and Marketing Plans. Referring to our detailed business start up checklist our team will assist you throughout as you prepare for a successful fast start-up of your new business.

An intense, initial, 5 day classroom training course that covers daily management duties, operations, hiring, scheduling, software, financial analysis and learning how to use our winning model. During this week you will also complete your diverse marketing plan, using the demographic analysis of your territory. Based on our experience your proven marketing plan will be designed to target the customers in your territory that will get your business off to the best start possible.

Membership of the Academy where your “numbers” and “data” are closely monitored weekly by your Franchise Support Manager over the crucial first year. These are compared to other franchisees who started recently in comparable markets and any necessary adjustments are made to your business plan as you grow.

As part of our Mentoring Program you are introduced to an existing fast growth franchisee whom you may contact or visit with to discuss their experience with the system and who will give you further advice and support in your business.

Monitoring and support continues as your business grows. Your ongoing franchise “numbers” and “data” are compared to other franchisees by your Franchise Support Manager using system wide benchmarks and best practices. By reviewing this performance analysis franchisees are able to be more efficient with planning, resource allocation and decision making.

To drive business to your door the House Doctors Marketing team has the proven system that gets results fast. From helping you with your annual budget and “diverse” marketing plan to creating bi-annual mailing programs and joint ventures with national product manufacturers. As part of the House Doctors Network franchisees also benefit from a National Ad Fund that supports internet initiatives, professionally designed marketing materials, superior mailing programs and group discounted vendor relationships. Franchisees are also able to create, when working with our in house graphic designer, local marketing initiatives enabling them to react quickly to any new growth opportunities.

All of this plus the inter-franchisee discussions on our intranet, weekly email updates, quarterly newsletters, franchisee led Tele-conferences, Success Summit Webinars, Franchise Advisory Council Meetings, Top Franchisee Peer Group Meetings and our National Convention ensure that our training and support for our franchisees maintains a position of leadership in the industry.

Training & Support

House Doctors

  • Financial Assistance Provided: third party
  • Site Selection Assistance: yes but home based business to begin
  • Lease Negotiation Assistance: yes
  • Co-operative Advertising: yes
  • Training: comprised of an inital fast start program followed by one week intensive at home office and then ongoing for the first year

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