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TC Franchise Specialists | Green Tech Build Design Franchise

Think Green. Build Right. Renovate Smart.

Never before has the desire and need to “Go Green” been such a widely accepted idea among this planet’s population. Even though it is a global issue, everyone of us in our piece of paradise can make a difference in the movement for a healthier environment.

You can make that difference in your community and beyond with a GreenTech Design/Build franchise. Our franchising system is backed by one of the largest networks of energy conscious individuals who are interested in making a difference in our communities, our environment, and our economy through “green living”. Only as a GreenTech Design/Build Franchisee will you have the opportunity to be a part of that network and to have a positive impact that will benefit this planet’s future.

TC Franchise Specialists | Green Tech Build Design Franchise

Our Franchising Mission

Our mission at GreenTech Design/Build is to give you the tools, knowledge, and technology to construct a successful and profitable business by helping others build and improve their built environments for a brighter, more sustainable future.
GreenTech Design/Build… Bettering our built world one franchise at a time.


  • Training and support program details: 5 day training
  • Site selection assistance: Yes
  • Lease negotiation assistance:
  • Average number of employees required: 1-6

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