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Firestorm Solutions, LLC is a recognized leader in business continuity, vulnerability analysis, risk mitigation and crisis management. Staffed by attorneys, engineers, physicians, law enforcement professionals, psychologists and many other talented individuals, we work directly with our Expert Council on behalf of our clients. Firestorm maintains a network of offices in Denver, Atlanta and New York to be responsive and accessible to our international roster of clients. It is the breadth and depth of our human capital that distinguishes Firestorm from other consulting firms.

Firestorm has years of public company and senior management experience in operations, finance, counterterrorism, investor relations, risk management, insurance, reinsurance, human resources, environmental issues, regulatory management, preparedness, pollution prevention, national standards development, corporate communications, e-commerce, distribution, education, training, engineering, technology, manufacturing and legal affairs.

Products & Services

Firestorm’s business continuity solutions give a strategic advantage in the event of a crisis, no matter the size or impact. We analyze client exposure and vulnerability to disasters, from every angle of the business. We assist in identifying and quantifying all potential risks…before, during and following a disaster.

Based on our findings, Firestorm makes client-specific recommendations to manage, eliminate or, at the least, mitigate the impact of these liabilities on their company. We then guide the implementation of those solutions, and test and certify their plan. Our certification makes our clients eligible for certain types of insurance that would otherwise not be available to their corporation.

Firestorm’s Predict. Plan. Perform. model enables our clients to achieve the best possible outcome in the event of a crisis. Our Disaster Due Diligence™ approach assures that our clients will maintain corporate value, reputation and competitive standing even under the most adverse conditions.

Why Firestorm Franchising, LLC?

Firestorm has developed step-by-step processes, tools, procedures and plans for Franchisees to market to companies and assist these companies in planning for and managing disasters and crises. Your potential is large. Your experience and contacts can open doors. Your sales market is the entire United States. Firestorm brings credibility, references, potential national account opportunities, and a fast-start process to help Franchisees generate immediate sales. You can make sales and help others.

Are You a Good Fit for Firestorm Franchising, LLC?

Are you looking for a professional consulting and training business opportunity that will put your experience and contacts to work? Firestorm can show you how preparedness can create opportunities for you and help others.


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