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College Nannies and Tutors Franchise

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TC Franchise Specialists | College Nannies & Tutors Franchise

The College Nannies and Tutors business model is a retail-based staffing business selling hours.  Our unique niche is providing role models to busy families.

We provide two types of role models to families:

  1. Role Models as nannies and babysitters providing care exclusively in the customer’s home. Here our focus is on families with children age 0 to 16
  2. Role Models as one-on-one tutors providing tutoring at our learning centers, and occasionally in the customer’s home. Here our focus is on students ages 12 to 18.

The Market

According to the US Census, there are over 74 million children aged 18 or younger in the United States and this segment is projected to grow by more than a half million children per year. This makes for tremendous opportunities in our market segments, childcare and private tutoring.

Childcare has been around for centuries, but the industry has yet to establish true “market leaders”; this fragmentation creates an enormous growth opportunity.

The private tutoring industry is led by the growing desire of parents to secure their children’s future through supplemental education, particularly in view of perceived inadequacies of the formal education system.

Our Advantage

College Nannies and Tutors is the premier opportunity in these growth industries. By focusing on children from cradle-to-college, we provide a trusted, one-stop-shop for a family’s childcare and tutoring needs.

By offering both childcare and tutoring services, we eliminate the seasonality associated with these industries, we provide excellent cross sales opportunities and take advantage of long lifetime value of customers leading to a stronger return on your investment.

Key Points Regarding this Franchise

As a College Nannies and Tutors franchisee, you will have:

  • Multiple revenue streams to build a recession resistant business
  • Large, protected territories giving you plenty of growth potential
  • A cash-based business with no payroll funding issues
  • Marketing, training and support as you build your franchise
  • A personal business coach providing customized support
  • Insight from childcare and tutoring industry experts
  • Web-based, CNeT technology to streamline management of office, HR, CRM and accounting
  • A growth-driven system with multi-unit potential

A background in childcare or education is not necessary to succeed as a CNT franchisee. In fact, our strongest franchise owners today come from diverse backgrounds such as sales, staffing, marketing, finance and general business management.

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