Caliber Patient Care

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Caliber Patient Care

“Caliber is a non-emergency patient transportation company specializing in safe and reliable wheelchair and stretcher transport. Our main clientele are skilled nursing facilities with direct billed accounts. By minimizing our reliance on insurance and transportation brokers’ discounted trips we have a high-dollar, high-revenue model that is seeing significant growth.

Caliber’s average one-way trip revenue ranges between $43 – $150, and we complete thousands of these every year out of our Nashville office with great margins and high ROI.

Caliber has become the nations #1 provider and the largest private provider for wheelchair and stretcher transport and continues to see growth year-over-year.

Key features for Caliber Patient Care

  • No brick & mortar location needed
  • Caliber Patient Care corporate handles all inbound calls, patient intake, dispatching and routing, and office management
  • Low initial investment cost
  • Huge growth potential with aging population
  • Caliber Patient Care has already secured accounts with broker and national healthcare companies


Caliber Patient Care

    • Financial Assistance Provided:
    • Site Selection Assistance: Yes
    • Lease Negotiation Assistance: Yes
    • Co-operative Advertising: Yes
    • Training: 14 days. Caliber Patient Care will train the franchise owner and management at their Nashville, Tennessee corporate location. This training covers:
      -Patient Handling
      -Wheelchair vans and equipment
      -Dispatch hardware and software
      -Sales and marketing
      -Geographical mapping
      -HR and management

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