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Tunex, an automotive service franchise, is unique in that its centers don’t try to provide all care services, but specialize in under-the-hood services using a strict diagnostic approach — with no guess work. We offer diagnostic, engine performance, tune-up services and repairs of engine related systems, i.e. ignition, carburetion, fuel injection, emission inspections, computer controls, cooling, air conditioning, used car evaluations, and lubrication services. For maximum customer satisfaction, we always analyze systems for the problem and maintenance requirements, so the customer can make service and repair decisions.

Our motto to our customers is:
We Diagnose the Problem . . . and Guarantee the Solution

Why A Tunex Franchise? A Tunex franchise takes the guesswork out of starting a new business, from the first steps of locating a site through the ultimate step of serving the customers… your investment is backed by our proven, time tested, progressive concept, along with experienced management and leadership, superior technical know-how, well-developed advertising programs, cost-saving standardized purchases and the impact of our solid easily recognized company trademark.

Tunex completely “tunes” an engine, along with all under-the-hood systems, to new car performance in contrast to general automotive repair facilities or “quick tune” and maintenance service specialty shops. It is the Tunex “diagnostic first” method that separates this Company from its competition, together with solving the need or problem first, then pin-pointing potential problems rather than just performing tune-ups or maintenance procedures.

Tunex gives a written guarantee of satisfaction, and the guarantee is good at all Tunex centers no matter where the original work was performed. Tunex believes that the so called “tune up” will soon become a thing of the past. The only way to properly service automobile drivability problems is through diagnostic methods, carried out in spacious, modernly equipped service centers by skilled and specialized personnel.

Most services at Tunex centers are scheduled by appointment. A comfortable, clean and professional looking waiting room is provided for those customers who want to wait while the work is being done. All these Tunex services are available on a fleet basis to contractors and other businesses.

Founded originally in 1972 to provide an analysis of the performance of an automobile’s engine and related systems to inform the consumer of any existing conditions or problems, Tunex later expanded to perform the recommended service maintenance and repairs. The first Tunex Service Center began operations in Murray Utah in June, 1974. Tunex established a franchise headquarters along with training facilities and support services then sold its first franchise license in February, 1975.

Tunex is the most experienced franchise operation in this specialized segment of the automotive aftermarket business. Though there are larger “tune-up”, preventative maintenance and car-care chains and franchises throughout the United States, none are as specialized in their operating system and perform the services as extensively and as expertly as Tunex.

The primary objective of the Company is to establish a position as the most prominent automotive engine performance specialty service business in the country.

A Tunex Automotive Service Center Offers Diagnosis and Guaranteed Services and Repairs Of:

  • Fuel systems (carburetion and fuel injection)
  • Ignition systems
  • Emission control systems, including inspections
  • Computerized engine control systems
  • Charging and starting systems
  • Air conditioning systems
  • Engine cooling systems

Additional Services:

  • Oil change and lubrication
  • Safety inspections
  • Brakes (as part of a safety inspection programs/anti-locking brake system (ABS) problems)
  • Used car evaluations
  • Manufacturer’s Recommended Maintenance

Tunex has 30 centers currently open to service our customer’s needs. There are five new centers currently in development.

TC Franchise Specialists | Tunex Automotive Specialist FranchiseTunex is a publicly held company (OTC BB-Symbol TNEX) that, through franchising, is engaged in the business of, diagnostic testing and evaluation of the performance of automotive engines and engine related systems, and all related inspections, services and repairs. Currently there are 29 company and franchisee-owned Tunex Service Centers in operation.

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