Global Garage Flooring & Design Franchise

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TC Franchise Specialists | Global Garage Flooring & Design FranchiseGlobal Garage Flooring & Design

This is a garage makeover business. We lay down concrete coatings on the floor and install cabinets and other storage solutions. It’s a simple, fun, profitable and well supported franchise.

TC Franchise Specialists | Global Garage Flooring & Design Franchise


1. The Market – There is a growing awareness of the “Great Garage”. The Global Garage businesses have had continuous Economic Expansion in each of the last four years. Our current business owners did well through the downturn and now that housing is rebounding, we are in the right place at the right time!! Lead generation is accomplished by investing in a significant marketing program. It will help you find lots of quality customers and keep their friends and families coming to you as well. This, along with an absolutely superb networking program, will not only keep your people and equipment busy, but your business profitable as well.

Global Garage works on Commercial Projects as well.  Our concrete coatings have gone into everything from restaurants, to schools, to hangars, to showrooms, both indoors and outdoors. The places you can work are only limited by your imagination.

2. Profitability – This is a construction business where the typical profit margin is 50%! There is a good market backed by a good profit margin.

3. Support– Training, Training, Training!! 2 Weeks initial training. At Global Garage, we not only think “WHAT” we train is important, we think that “HOW” we train is important as well. Before coming to training, we will have all of your equipment, office, marketing and networking plans set-up and ready to go. After set-up is complete, you will train for a week inside a successful Global Garage business. We will then come home with you and spend another week training on your equipment in your market. Now that you have been trained well, you’re going to suffer from the side effects of good training, and that is EXCITEMENT!!!! Nothing sells better than excitement and it will help you get your Global Garage business off to a roaring start. You’ll implement these proven systems and they will soon become habit as you get busier and busier. Global Garage is also supported by the best product manufacturer in the business, HP Spartacote©. HP Spartacote did not incidentally start Global Garage. They do a fantastic job of producing the products and supporting the technical side of our business.

GREAT initial training!  GREAT follow-up training!  GREAT coaching and support!  This, along with a fantastic, proprietary product line that is supported by our founders, is the real reasons why Global Garage stands above the rest.

4. FUN– Imagine a business where you work in a fun space. You have a few, well paid employees. You make a huge difference in someone’s home in just one day. The customer appreciates your work. And…. it’s profitable. That sounds like fun to us!

What are the Value Propositions of a Global Garage Franchise?

The Garage

  • The time is NOW! The housing market is growing
  • Remodeling factor is BIG- Growing awareness of the ‘Mancave’ and the ‘Great Garage’
  • Build a big- FUN- business- one trailer at a time

Global Garage

  • 1-800 Phone number
  • We will do your scheduling
  • No experience required- excellent training program
  • Large and available territories
  • Franchise experience and a franchise focused franchisee a plus
  • Scalable- build a big business, one trailer at a time

Global Garage Patented PolyasparticsTC Franchise Specialists | Global Garage Flooring & Design Franchise

  • 1 day application
  • 3x harder than Epoxy and 3x the chemical resistance of Epoxy- also easier to work with than Epoxy!
  • All-weather applications
  • Low product cost
  • Support from Global Garage and the manufacturer

Key Global Garage Flooring Franchise Points

  • FUN, there is no substitute for F.U.N and this business provides it.
  • Huge, untapped market.
  • Best Products on the market.  One day application.
  • Quick Start-Up Time.
  • 1-800 number and cloud based scheduling software.

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