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The Fibrenew Franchise Business is Considered THE EXPERT in Leather & Plastic Restoration
Fibrenew specializes in the restoration of leather and plastics, servicing five major markets: Aviation, Automotive, Commercial, Marine, and Residential. A Fibrenew franchise can be a very profitable business whether you choose to be an owner operator with a single vehicle or expand your business to include multiple vehicles. For less than the cost of an SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle) you will learn a skill, which when applied, will provide you with an income and give you the opportunity to grow a business.

We are a low cost, very successful, home-based mobile service franchise, catering to an executive clientele in the above mentioned markets. The diversity of our opportunity is so large that in every economic downturn, our franchise system has thrived.

Fibrenew is a global leader in the environmental movement. We prevent thousands of tons of leather and plastics from entering our landfills.

“Be in business for yourself, but never by yourself!”

The Fibrenew market is as broad and diverse as your imagination! We service:

  • Car dealerships, rental agencies, fleet vehicles
  • Offices, restaurants, bars, theatres
  • Transportation companies, insurance companies
  • Furniture stores, homes, Fitness Centers
  • Marinas, commercial and private aircraft

When you are awarded a Fibrenew franchise, you receive:

  • An exclusive protected territory
  • Use of Trade name and Trademark
  • Access to proprietary products and methods and manuals
  • Comprehensive training program
  • Complete inventory and equipment
  • Business cards, Invoices, Statements, Envelopes and Brochures
  • Ongoing Technical Support via phone and internet
  • Access to our Technical Library
  • Continuous education, support via seminars, workshops and conferences

“Hands on training & active involvement of professionals are vital to the success of any business.”
Fibrenew provides excellent training!

  • Training includes classroom and field instruction
  • Certified training staff
  • All aspects of business are explained, demonstrated and practiced thoroughly
  • Class size is limited
  • Two weeks of intensive training at our facility in Calgary, Canada

Fibrenew offers Regional Seminars on a regular basis and requires all franchise owners to attend. Besides their educational value they offer everyone an opportunity to meet, network and share valuable business experiences.

“Ongoing assistance is provided to the franchises by Fibrenew International Support Team – F.I.S.T. “

Fibrenew presents F.I.S.T. members!

  • F.I.S.T. are competent and experienced professionals
  • F.I.S.T. are dedicated to helping you succeed
  • F.I.S.T. provide immediate responses to your questions
  • F.I.S.T. are only a phone call away
  • All F.I.S.T. members are volunteers

What our franchisees are saying about Fibrenew Franchise Training:

“Greetings fellow Fibrenewers. I figured it was about time I send a message to toot our horn up here in the Northeast USA (New Hampshire). It’s coming up on one year now for me with Fibrenew. It took the business a little while to get some name recognition and exposure, but Man, the last five months have really been great, better than I had anticipated. My calendar is booking three weeks in advance! Many, Many, Many thanks to Al Michaels, Dan, Jake, Michael Carter, and all my Fibrenew family for your knowledge, support, and advice. I wouldn’t be where I am today without all your help.”

Michael Sanford
Fibrenew of Southern New Hampshire

Make An Intelligent Decision!

A Fibrenew franchise offers:

  • Membership on a winning team
  • Exclusive protected territory
  • Low overhead, mobile business
  • Cutting edge research & development
  • Exclusive product line
  • Comprehensive training
  • Ongoing technical support
  • Flexible lifestyle and work schedule

Fibrenew is committed to helping people help themselves!

Fibrenew supports men and women worldwide into owning and operating a successful home based mobile service business.

  • Financial Assistance Provided: No
  • Site Selection Assistance: Home Based
  • Lease Negotiation Assistance: N/A
  • Co-operative Advertising: No
  • Training: Two weeks of off-site in Calgary. We follow up with a 2 day Field visit in their 3rd month of operation.

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