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Color Glo® is an international color restoration and repair company with hundreds of franchised offices throughout the U.S. and several foreign countries. We specialize in restoring and repairing all types of damaged, mismatched, dirty, faded upholstery found in the home, office, automobile, private or commercial aircraft, boats and commercial seating venues. In addition Color Glo® offers re-dying services when a color change is desired.

Color Glo International FranchiseColor Glo® has serviced hundreds of clients in commercial facilities including theaters, auto dealerships, office buildings, marinas, schools and colleges, retail stores, restaurants, hotels, apartment buildings, homes and more.

Our process uses specially formulated proprietary water based and environmentally friendly, non flammable, odor free products. Color Glo® re-conditioned items dry in minutes which allows the customer to use their investment almost immediately.

Color Glo® customers also like the fact that the process takes place at their own site. There is no down time involved in dropping off your item or picking it up… …we come to you, leaving valuable time for your needs…not ours.

In these challenging economic times, people will be looking for new ways to save money without sacrificing their standard of living!color_glo_img02

As a Color Glo® franchisee you can offer your customers:

  • Money Saving Restoration vs Buying New.
  • Environmentally Safe Restoration Materials & Techniques.
  • Customer Satisfaction from Amazing Results.
  • Color Restoration or Color Alternatives.
  • Maintain the Value of Prized Investments.
  • Before and After Testimony from Satisfied Customers.
  • Secure On-Site Services.

For over three decades, Color Glo® color restoration and repair has provided an invaluable service to a diverse market of clientele. Join our family and become a Color Glo® Restoration & Repair Specialist.

Color Glo® Specialists:

  • Produce Superior Results.
  • Work with Automotive, Aviation Marine, Commercial & Home Furniture, Industrial and Recreational Accounts.
  • Provide Invaluable Services to Car Dealerships & Owners, Repairing Vehicle Interiors, Grilles, Dashboards, Headliners in Plastic, Leathers, Vinyl or Fabrics.
  • Service Commercial Applications including: Corporate Offices, Schools, Hospitals, Restaurants and many others.
  • Can be certified by the FAA for Commercial and General Aviation Interior Restoration & Repair.

Color Glo® provides:

  • Equipment.
  • Exclusive territory with full development rights to that specific area.
  • Ability to grow the business to meet your expectations.
  • You make the decisions.
  • Totally exclusive proprietary water based products to provide complete color and texture restoration.
  • Operators worldwide generate thousands in business dollars working on any and all types of surfaces from leather to velour, cloth, plastic and vinyl.
  • Providing full array of support from comprehensive training to ongoing technical assistance, seminars, product updates, marketing literature and field support.
  • Color Glo® is seeking independent self-motivated individuals with the desire to succeed within a billion dollar industry.

Color Glo®:

  • Member of the Better Business Bureau.
  • Member of the International Franchise Association.
  • Is ISO 9001 Certified.
  • Safeguarding your customers’ investments while safeguarding the earth’s fragile environment.
  • Is consistently ranked high in franchise publications worldwide.
  • Has a Global Network that includes the U.S., Canada, Mexico, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia.


Color Glo International

  • Financial Assistance Provided: Yes
  • Site Selection Assistance: No
  • Lease Negotiation Assistance: No
  • Co-operative Advertising: No
  • Training: The licensor will, at its expense, provide training to the licensee in the licensed area or at such other location designated by the licensor to familiarize and acquaint the licensee with the operation of the Color Glo business. The training will consist of on the job instruction on basic operating skills and such topics as may be selected by the licensor. The period of training will be three (3) weeks and shall be scheduled by the licensor. If applicable, the Licensee shall be responsible for the payment of all salaries, expenses, fringe benefits, payroll taxes, unemployment compensation workers compensation insurance, travel costs and other expenses for persons being trained and will comply with all applicable state and federal laws pertaining to employees.

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