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An Advanced Maintenance franchise serves one of America’s fastest growing and most important industries; trucking. Since 1998, we have been providing expert maintenance and repair, including mandatory Department of Transportation (DOT) maintenance, on a wide variety of commercial fleet vehicles. Franchisees work within our superior operational system and share in the excellent reputation we have earned.

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The professionals at Advanced Maintenance bring hands-on industry experience to the table. Our seasoned managers have up close and personal insight into what we do and how we do it, and are eager to share their specialized knowledge with you. Joining this accomplished team can help you get your new business of to the right start, with the kind of competitive edge you’re looking for.

Making the Grade

Do you possess strong leadership and management skills and the ability to communicate well with people? Previous experience in the trucking industry is not required to become an Advanced Maintenance franchisee. We do ask that you know how to operate a business. Moreover, you must possess determination, drive and a strong work ethic.

Only a limited number of Advanced Maintenance franchises will be awarded in any given area, and we will be carefully screening candidates for the combination of personal and professional qualifications we have determined to be the right fit with our organization.

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Clients rely on Advanced Maintenance for complete, expert preventative, corrective and emergency maintenance and repairs either on-site or in our shop. We focus on customers who take great pride in their commercial vehicle fleets and who want their business operations to perform at a superior level of efficiency. 85% of our services are performed on-site using fully equipped service vans with the latest on-board electronic diagnostic equipment, and EPA approved oil-recovery systems. Our emergency services are available 24 hours a day.

We recruit and hire top-flight technicians are qualified to perform U.S. Government’s DOT compliant maintenance and repairs. These skilled individuals are key to one of our most valuable service offerings: a Free Maintenance Program to track service needs and keep trucks DOT compliant.

If you’ve been looking for a rock solid business, don’t let this opportunity pass you by.

Training & Support

Our business system provides a standardized operational “blueprint” for developing and operating this first rate, highly specialized vehicle fleet maintenance company. And we will train you how to use it! Targeted, meaningful and in-depth, our ongoing training brings to bear the collective knowledge of our experienced team of professionals. It has been carefully crafted to prepare you to face the challenges of operating this exceptional business, including how to identify, hire and develop outstanding service technicians.

Franchisees will also benefit from our expert guidance in site selection and marketing. A detailed operations manual will provide you with a ready reference to our daily operational procedures. Above all, the seasoned professionals at Advanced Maintenance are available to share their hands-on industry insight and experience with you.

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As you proceed through the franchise selection process, consider providing essential services to the vital, and growing, trucking industry. You will use your relationship marketing skills to develop a strong referral program and repeat business. Additionally, you will learn how to identify, hire and develop outstanding service technicians. Your ability to work within our system will support your drive and determination to own a thriving business.

Training & Support

Advanced Maintenance

  • Financial Assistance Provided: Yes
  • Site Selection Assistance: Yes
  • Lease Negotiation Assistance: Yes
  • Training: No less than two weeks at our corporate location in Wilmington, NC, and no less than two weeks at their location during opening.

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