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Asset Exchange Strategies Franchise

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TC Franchise Specialities | Asset Exchange Strategies Franchise

As an Asset Exchange Strategy Franchisee, you will be able to provide Self Directed IRA and Self Directed 401k plans and advisory services to your clients.

As an Asset Exchange Strategy Franchisee you will provide your clients: knowledge, expertise, and tools to use those tax dollars to create wealth for them and their families for generations to come. We have the benefit of the expertise of tax attorneys, CPAs, other financial experts, and industry experts to find the appropriate methodology and tools.

Clients have been demanding a “local office”. The franchisee will be the ‘local office’ with the home office providing the support, software and expertise. Because our marketing and processing systems have worked well for us and our clients we have taken the ability to communicate intangible concepts and created reproductive concept; the necessary and primary ingredient to create a successful franchise system. Evidence of the completeness and professionalism of the concept can be demonstrated by just reading the FDD. Franchise attorneys and franchise professionals have exclaimed their approval over its completeness and accuracy. The franchisee will then be trained by the most competent professionals in the industry and the materials presented will be of high quality and thoroughly vetted. The support doesn’t stop there the franchise will continue to support the franchisee in its most critical time and that is the first 3 to 6 months with extensive support and, if need be, closing deals for the franchisee.


TC Franchise Specialities | Asset Exchange Strategies Franchise


Key Points Points about Asset Exchange Strategies

  • Minimized risk
  • Brand recognition
  • Training
  • Support
  • Advertising and marketing
  • Financing

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