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Break the Corporate Chains and Master Your Future!

The ultimate American dream is being in complete control of your destiny. Anyone, from any background, can overcome incredible odds and lead a life most only dream of. What’s the fastest way to take control of your destiny and lead the life of your dreams? Starting your own business!

In this land of opportunity, most of us ignore our urges for independence and settle for a mediocre job that pays the bills and makes us feel secure. But is being an employee really that secure? If your employer is losing money, they are going to look for ways to “trim the fat.” And, no matter how great an employee you are, or how long you’ve been there, you’re at risk.   Maybe the company will lower costs by replacing you with someone who will take a lower salary (and in this economy, it is a buyer’s market). Maybe they will outsource you for pennies on the dollar. Or, if you are lucky and make the cut, maybe you’ll be doing twice the work for the same salary.

Does that really sound like security to you?

If the lack of security isn’t frightening enough, what about the freedoms you surrender as an employee?

  • You have someone telling you where to go, when to be there, and how long to stay.
  • You have to break important commitments with friends and family to keep your boss happy.
  • You are using your time, talents, and ambition to build wealth for someone else.

Why not get security AND freedom? 

Just think…you can be home every night (and weekend) and spend more time with your family. Your working hours would be used to build an asset for you and your family (not someone else). You have two choices. You can build a business from scratch (and deal with a very high failure rate), or you can try franchising.

Why franchising?

Because it’s a proven model You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. The system has been put in place, and many people have used our business model to change their lives.

Anago Cleaning Systems’ Master Franchise program provides Master Franchise Owners with the ability to start their own business in the profitable commercial cleaning industry with the foundation and support of an established organization. As a Master Franchise Owner, you will have the exclusive developmental rights to sell Janitorial Franchises in a defined territory. Simultaneously, you will sell cleaning contracts, business to business within the territory, and assign those contracts to those who purchased a Janitorial Franchise. As a Master Franchise Owner, you are not in the cleaning business; you are a white-collar executive in the sales & marketing business.

Key Anago Points

  • Recession Resistant Industry
  • Multiple Primary Revenue Streams
  • High Franchisee Satisfaction
  • Low Startup Costs
  • Strong Item 19
  • Available Territories
  • #10 Fastest Growing Franchise in U.S. according to Entrepreneur Magazine
  • White collar business executive
  • Top Franchise for Keeping Weekends Free


Anago Cleaning Systems

  • Financial Assistance Provided: No
  • Site Selection Assistance: Yes
  • Lease Negotiation Assistance: Yes
  • Co-operative Advertising: No
  • Training: 14 days.

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