7 Reasons Why Women Make Great Entrepreneurs!

new majority“According to a 2011 survey conducted by American Express, American women are launching new businesses at 1.5 times the rate of the national average. In Canada, women are creating not only jobs, but entire companies, at double the rate of the national average.”Women are paving the way to a brand new breed of successful entrepreneurs, because women have some undeniable skills that make them excellent business owners”, according to Krizia de Verdier, who is the executive producer and host of the Women Entrepreneurs HQ Online Show.”Even though women, in general,  are risk averse; they can possess qualities that make them strong business leaders.According to Krizia de Verdier, producer and host of the Women Entrepreneurs HQ Online Show, women make great entrepreneurs because


  1. are multi-thinkers
  2. are abstract thinkers and creative thinkers
  3. are more about inclusion instead of competition
  4. want to make sure their team is happy
  5. value personal development
  6. have natural people skills
  7. are good listeners – picking up on both verbal and non-verbal clues.

Personal Coaching Tip: “When you think about your strengths in running a business, on your own or for a company, remember that many of the “soft skills” you have are exactly what you need to succeed,” states April Sweazy of InPower Women.

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