Why …

The secret to a strong business is not “What” you do, but “Why” you do it!  Below is a link to Simon Sinek’s TED speech (well worth your  time). In it, Simon explains that how important it is to engage the emotional center of the brain. Once we know why you do it, than we will buy what you do. This is the reason we offer weekly webinars, so you can understand the WHY behind a franchisor. If you can agree with the why, you might just want to join them in what they do.

Simon Sinek’s TED talk “The Golden Circle”  (18 mins)

Each of you have an entrepreneurial spirit. Consider what motivates you… this is your why?  If you are unsure, please take 5 – 10 minutest to explore  what motivates you by taking the FranMatrix >> Click Here <<

The “Why” that dives me professionally:

Everyone deserves an opportunity.

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