Some Franchising FAQ’s

With over 6,000 franchises available, how do I know which one is right one for me?

  • Through our customized personality profile, we will take your information, and we’ll narrow the choices down to just a few franchises for us to research together.

Do I need industry specific experience to own each type of business?

  • No, in fact many Franchisors are looking for people with little or no experience
    in their industry. This is because they want you to focus on the business and not
    the manual labor. In other words, they want you to work ON your business, not be stuck working IN it.
  • Franchisors need people who can be effective in areas like
    hiring and motivating good employees (which they teach you how to do), and making sure the marketing and operations are being run efficiently. Your role as a franchisee is typically one of manager rather than labor, unless you so desire.

How strong is each particular Franchise?

  • We have access to each company’s financial records. Things like how many lawsuits they’ve had, how many years in business, how many Franchisees are in your area, how much money the typical Franchisee earns, future expansion plans, and most of all how they treat their Franchisees.

I don’t have any experience running my own business; do they fully train me?

  • Franchises give varying levels of training. It’s important to know which ones train
    thoroughly and which ones simply have minimal training or involvement with your training. We’ll give you this information, and then only present you with options that will meet your experience level.

How much investment will I need?

  • There are many different levels of investment depending on the Franchise. Most Franchises require a minimum of $35,000 in liquid cash available. Some have net worth requirements. However, there are a handful of great opportunities which are well-kept secrets that we can share with you during the consultation.

What about working capital while I get it off the ground?

  • That’s one of the best parts, your working capital is part of the funding you get
    through the eager lenders we have waiting to provide the financial assistance you
    need to fund your dream. By using a Franchise system the banks are already confident in the investment, which makes the process a breeze!

Can I use my 401k or self directed IRA for my portion of the investment?

  • Absolutely, in fact you can receive a much higher return on your money than leaving it in one of the typical “check the box” choices of mutual funds. And don’t forget, the money you use for your business remains tax free. Make sure you contact Benetrends for more details.

Do I need to operate the business myself, or can I hire someone to run it for

  • This is where we reach the pinnacle of financial freedom. You can choose to be an
    owner-operator, passive owner, or a semi-passive ownership model. Even with the owner-operator model they have systems in place to keep your business on the right track once you decide to take a step back and let your money machine run without you.

Can I open more than one store?

  • Yes, and if you qualify many Franchisors offer package deals for the purchase of
    multi-unit Franchises where in many cases you can buy 2 licenses and get the 3rd
    one FREE.

Does owning a Franchise help me gain U.S. citizenship?

  • Yes. There is a green card program which allows you to stay in the country legally
    while you operate your business.
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