Solar Universe

Solar Universe – Webinars are a unique opportunity to get an overview of a business. The time commitment is usually about 30 minutes. Very informative.  Take a serious step toward investigation.

Solar Universe offers:

  • Our average Franchise unit revenue is $1.8 million per year with 23.1% gross margin.
  • No large warehouse needed, lower cost of entry & lower expenses
  • Strong item 19 ($1.8 million/yr with 23.1% margin)
  • Customer financing available, this allows us to compete
  • A lot of good territory available in 12 states
  • Concept appeals to sales & technical people so we can do both types

Solar Universe is a rapidly expanding Solar Energy sales and installation company based in Livermore, CA.  Solar energy is a cornerstone to the explosive movement to Alternative and ‘Green’ energy production, carbon/environmental minimization, and decreased reliance on imported oil.  Solar Energy production is possible across the US, and with Federal, State and possible local incentives has become a viable and affordable source of clean energy.  Currently growing at over 108% per year, the Solar Industry is a unique bright spot in the economy.
Solar Universe franchisees focus their energies on sales, marketing, and installation, while the Solar Universe “home office” provides the technology backbone of the network, conducts ongoing Research & Development, vendor and supplier negotiations, and national/international branding activities.

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