Seven years – Reflections of a Franchise Specialist

This week marks the seventh  (7) year I have been in Franchise Specialist – as a Broker and Consultant. The reason I got into this business was to empower other to start their own businesses. I knew that it is difficult to start a business and can be quite costly in the terms of resources, time and money. But with the aid of someone who has already gone through those aches and pains and have already developed a successful system, a start up can be successful in a much quicker time frame… thus franchising.

To make sure you are helped by the best, I have become a Certified Franchise Broker (CBE) (less than 5% in the business have this certification) and keep up regularly on current business offerings and practices.  Through the seven years of businesses, I have developed strong relationships with other business professionals such as lawyers specializing in franchising, businesses specializing in franchise financing, and many other specialist that can assist you in researching and setting up your business.

It is very satisfying to hear clients say, “I can tell you care.” “Kip, you have access to information I could not get.”  “Kip, made this whole process much easier.”; “Kip, you know your business.”‘ “Thank you for your support, guidance and care.”

Tom and I have helped individuals start vending businesses, advertising businesses, educational businesses, financing business, health and retail business. We have also advised individuals to wait until they have more financing before start a business.  We are respected for our honesty and guidance.

My goal is to help you find the business that will fit your personality, skills, finances and dreams.

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