Semi Absentee Owner Franchises

Don’t confuse a Semi Absentee Owner with a part time job.

Don’t confuse a Semi Absentee Owner with a low return Franchise, a semi-absentee franchise might be exactly what fits in your life.  You can run a part time business while keeping your job; or run your business along side another business; or run your business while you are retired.

A Semi Absentee Owner is fully in charged, fully engaged with operations, but does not need to be physically working on the business full time. There are a variety business models in our inventory that can accommodate an owner who desires to not be full time in the business. Some models expect a full time owner for a year or two, then allow you to be semi absent once you have your business established. Others will allow you to hire a manager.  While others expect as little as two (2) to ten (10) hours of working on the business a week.

If this is your preferred business model, contact Kip –

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