Personal vs. Traditional Marketing

Today I encountered two opposing marketing ideas – Or are they?

The second is more traditional – give information in an enticing way, utilize the most in technology, become the expert. Peak the audiences curiosity with a little information, but not too much, so they are still wanting more. How many of us have gone to a site, just to peak get some closure to the message. Become the expert to the audience. Now step up this marketing by engaging your audience in a video! Very professional, very successful!

The first marketing idea presented is to add the personal approach. A direct communication between author and audience. Blogging utilizing stories to convey an idea. A level of expertise is still conveyed, but now it is personal, human and real. No tricks, no gimmicks, just reality.

Do each of these tools work separately? Together? In harmony? In dissonance? Is there a difference in who prefers one method over another?

As an audience, which method can you relate to more?

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