Could Myths Be Preventing You From Becoming a Legend?

Perhaps you’ve heard some of these preconceptions. Let us take a moment to dispel them.

Myth 1: Finding the right business will make me successful.

Don’t sell yourself short. You’re already successful in key areas of your career and your life. We’ll help you discover specific career options that are compatible with those qualities.

Myth 2: The secret to success is finding a career doing something I love.

Brace yourself: Businesses founded on the owner’s background, experience or knowledge have the highest incidence of failure. If you restrict your options to things you’re already good at, you shut down a universe of possibilities.

Myth 3: I’ll know the right opportunity when I see it.

That’s a trap: Believing that you’ll fall in love at first sight. Many people make an emotional connection with a career and invest months of hard work, only to find that it doesn’t meet their needs. Our process helps you avoid that pitfall.

Myth 4: I can’t be in the____________ business!
I don’t know a blankety blank thing about_____s!

You don’t have to. You hire people who do. You’re in the business of growing a business. That’s where the action and the fun are.

Myth 5: CoTC Franchise Specialists | Manny's Neighborhood Grille Franchiserporate HQ will dictate everything. I won’t have any control.

Franchisors provide the framework, but you manage, market and promote the business. You’re in charge. Remember: Franchisors don’t win unless you win. It’s truly a win/win situation.

Myth 6: I can’t be creative in a franchise.

The creativity comes in managing and marketing a proven process. And there’s plenty of room for your ideas. You’d be astonished to know how many product and service innovations have come from franchisees, not the parent company.

Myth 7: A franchise requires more money than I can afford.

That depends on how you approach it. Our most successful clients have seen it as an investment. Before you let money concerns squelch your future, talk to us. Like owning a home, there are many ways to finance a franchise. We know the ropes. Let us advise you.

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