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Which Mobile repair Franchise is the best?

Vision is to provide – through its franchisees – the goods and services required to enhance and sustain the increasingly important mobile lifestyle. By offering a combination of: 1) in-store, while-you-wait, mobility-sustaining break/fix services; 2) access to a comprehensive array of mobile device accessories designed to enhance the connected-lifestyle; and 3) protection services to safeguard mobile existence. Be is positioned to provide mobility-sustaining services for both B2C and B2B customers.

As a service category, the mobile lifestyle services business is currently predominantly a disaggregated, internet-based service model offering ‘mail-in-and- wait’ as the most prevalent alternative for repair services. There are a few storefront organizations in existence that operate a consumer only repair-centric model.  Make sure its holistic, mobile-lifestyle strategy can couple repair services for the full spectrum of digital devices with the ability to integrate company compliance and the importance of establishing policies and guidelines for employee usage and security respecting IT consumerization in the small and medium business space.

By combining a low cost of entry with high margins and a fast ramping revenue stream, provides a unique opportunity for service minded entrepreneurs to bring a much needed service business to their local markets.

Why we feel our industry should be considered:

Operating in a newly created mobile-lifestyle service category,  benefit from the following:

  • A nearly ubiquitous customer base (consumers and businesses)
    • The number of internet-connected devices world-wide currently stands at five billion, but over the next four years that number is expected to quadruple
    • Cisco has estimated that by 2015 there will be 20 billion internet-connected devices
    • According to the United States Census Bureau, the world population is currently estimated to be at 6.92 billion; Cisco’s prediction means that there will be more than 2 internet-connected devices for every person on the planet (7 per person in the US)
  • Dependence on “connected devices” driving the demand for “instant repair”
    • The United States is especially smitten with the iPad, with 2.1% of all Web traffic in America being conducted via the portable device; iPad’s share of Web traffic has grown by roughly 10% each month since March
    • The upward trend illustrates the fast-growing Web usage for mobile devices, which now account for 5% of all worldwide internet traffic, and 8.2% of Web traffic in the United States

You should be considered:

  • Business model with numerous revenue streams
    • Repair services for all types of personal electronics devices
    • Accessories designed to enhance the mobile experience
    • Protection services for the device, its data and the user’s identity
  • Recession resistant business – a struggling economy enhances the attractiveness to services
    • Choosing repair as an alternative to the ever-increasing cost of replacement is not dependent on household income
    • The customer base covers the entire socio-economic spectrum from affluent to lower income consumers and businesses large and small
  •  Lifetime Warranty offered on all repairs (except liquid damage)
  • The concept is predicated on several fundamental operating pillars:
    • Provide a low investment threshold
    • Operate in a low cost retail environment providing a rapid break even while yielding high operating margins
    • Manage a low employee base per unit (usually no more than 4 over time)


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