Make a Difference with your New Business!

            Make a Difference! Do you want your career to mean something? Look into child oriented franchises. Make the world better, while creating a successful business. Parents will spend money on their parents, their pets and mostly their children!

  TC Franchise Specialist          Fall is a great time to have a child oriented business. The beginning of the school year, parents want their kids groomed, dressed, healthy and educated. For your business to be up and running by September, you need to start your discussion with me NOW.

We have over 30 different franchises that focus on kids in our portfolio! Read some of the testimonials from franchises of child base businesses :

“I had three main criteria when looking for franchises – it had to be education related, support work-life balance and be home-based. This franchise fulfilled all of these! In addition, YR enlightened my awareness of art playing a vital role in the young child’s confidence and performance. The beauty is its instruction method. I fell in love with the program not only as a parent but as a franchisee. This is what it means to have one’s heart in the right place and the rest all falls in line. Realizing that I will bring positivity into a child’s life gives me immense satisfaction and happiness. Additionally, I can be the vehicle for others to contribute.”

“I knew it had to be something more than a Subway — something that would bring value to the community.”

“I had been in the corporate world for 20 years in various sales and marketing roles.  I wanted to focus my career on something more meaningful.  When my wife and I came across this franchise, we were really excited, but also skeptical — the program sounded so transformational.  Well, we can say now after almost 400 graduates in our centers over the past 3 years that this program is truly transformational.  The opportunity to change lives and families through this franchise, has been a real gift and honor to be a part of.  We have also been thrilled with the success we have been blessed with.  And my youngest daughter, who hated reading, now reads herself to sleep most nights and begs us to let her keep reading with a flashlight once the lights are turned off!

Before we talk think about:

Do you want to run your business Full Time, Part Time or Passively?

What are the Hottest Franchise providing Extracurricular Activities?

Would you prefer a store front, build out, office space, or home based?

Are you ready to invest? $50K, $100K or $300K

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