learningrx - Brain Training

Go beyond tutoring, at LearningRx you train the brain to work better, smarter.

  • Make a difference in the community
  • Work with people of all ages
  • Proven system
  • Unique services – Minimal competition
  • Great product to clients with guaranteed results
  • High growth demand for service
  • High earning potential
  • No specific experience required
  • Marketing/Sales skills are helpful


Train the brain! LearningRx provides one-on-one cognitive skills training for ages preschool through adult. The activities are intense and fun for the students. We work with students who are struggling in school or are wanting to be more competitive by improving skills like memory, attention, logic and reasoning, processing speed, auditory and visual processing, reading and math skills. LearningRx brain training centers use intense game-like activities that empower anyone of any age to learn faster and easier. Tutoring and other programs reinforce WHAT students must learn (information). LearningRx brain training centers identify and strengthen the skills behind HOW students learn. We treat the cause rather than the symptoms.

The Difference Between Brain Training and Tutoring

In a nutshell, Learning Rx treats the causes rather than the symptoms. Tutoring focuses on re-teaching content while Learning Rx focuses on why someone didn’t learn the content in the first place.

LearningRx Programs Are Proven

LearningRx results are unmatched. On average, LearningRx students gain 12 months of reading or learning skills for each month they train with us. While developing and testing LearningRx programs, more than 10,000 students from over 500 doctors’ offices and clinics averaged these remarkable improvements. LearningRx programs are proven and they work!

  • Traumatic Brain Injury: We restore mental abilities
  • Preschoolers: LearningRx can virtually guarantee your preschoolers success
  • Slow Learner, ADD/ADHD, LD & Dyslexia
  • Struggling Students
  • High School Students
  • Professionals
  • Seniors

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