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Intelligent Office

Jump Into a Market on the Ground Floor of a Skyskraper! intelligent office, tc franchise, kip garwood-tull, franchise

High Growth Industry
Recession Resistant
High Franchisees Satisfaction
#1 in Industry
Rewarding – validation speaks to success and fulfillment
Earnings Statement Claim – item 19 STRONG
High Caliber Candidates Embrace This Idea
Ground Floor – This Concept is EXPLODING

Corporate executives and entrepreneurs alike are making an enormous splash with the only North American virtual office franchise in existence:

Small business is constantly evolving and Intelligent Office is riding the wave. No longer is it important where a small business owner works; it’s what they do!

Intelligent Office franchisees enjoy a Monday through Friday, 9-5 enterprise. There are no nights, weekends, or inventory to consider. They love the business to business environment; professional clients serviced by professional employees in a professional setting.

Intelligent Office franchisees are small business consultants. Every day is met with a new opportunity to make a small business better. We take critical calls for lawyers while they’re in court. We schedule estimates for plumbers while they’re busy at work. We confirm appointments for dentists. We complete intake forms for orthopedic surgeons. We take preliminary information for franchise consultants so they are better prepared for an initial call. We provide a prestigious business address for mortgage brokers to better market themselves (business cards, email signature). We look up book availability for libraries. We field mass marketing inquiries for a distressed home buyer. We provide office space, conference rooms, and cubicles by the hour, morning, day, week, month, or year.

Your Staff. Your Office. Your Success.

Our franchisees enjoy a limitless potential unencumbered by space. The Intelligent Office has walls but its scalability does not.

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