Little Know Fact on How to Fund Your Franchise – Benetrends


  • It’s time to Build for the future
  • Invest in yourself
  • Start your own business
  • The Rainmaker Plan
    • Move your 401K to YOUR OWN retirement Plan
      • Create stock
      • Can cover all business expenses
      • Your retirement grows as your business grows
    • Increase your new retirement plan
      • A safe, secure, proven method of  accessing your 401(K) and other retirement funds to finance a business
      • Tax and Penalty FREE
      • The benefits are POWERFUL yet easy to understand
      • You invest in yourself without risking the roof over your head

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      • As a NO-debt service you
        • Reduce or eliminate debt and interest payments
        • That means… no negative impact on your debt ratios or credit rating
        • Better cash flow and equity from the start
        • IRA approved plan
        • Quick and easy to get funds
          • No long loan applications or approval process
          • 2-3 weeks or less
        • Tax-deferred
        • Superior protection of your assets
        • Shelter thousands of dollars in corporate profits
        • Build Wealth faster & safer than ever before
        • Earn a $1500 tax credit
        • Supported by 100% IRS Audit

      To find out how to fund your own business, click here

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