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Did you know the average employee works a total of 86,000 hours in their lifetime? Not only is that more time spent working than sleeping, it’s 86,000 hours you do not get to spend time doing the things you love.  We’ve conducted tons of research for those looking to business ownership vs employment and have found that the statistics are staggering!

With the White Paper on Franchising, you’ll be informed on the many advantages of business ownership as well as, the unattractiveness of employment.  Every year employees become more and more dissatisfied with their jobs (currently 55% of Americans), creating mundane and unpleasant day-to-day activities and ultimately, a melancholic life.   We were also able to highlight a work-life balance and how Franchising can help to get you there much faster than you ever imagined.

If you’re like most, you’re probably worried about retirement.  As an employee, retirement might seem like a pipe dream.  This White Paper emphasizes the importance of your latter years and how prepared one should be before entering into retirement.  This White Paper also shows you how Franchising can prepare you for retirement and all of the different avenues that are at your fingertips through business ownership by way of Franchising.
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