What is the Right Franchise?

TC Franchise Specialists, the right franchiseHow do you know if you are in the right franchise? I am asked all the time ‘What is the best franchise? ‘ or ‘I like (something), do you have a franchise that does that?’ or ‘I have never done that, how can I?’

Here is some advice from Molly Rowe of Franchise Business Review, in the article “It’s Not About You”. She quotes a franchise, “ Don’t worry so much about what the franchise does and if you have experience doing it. Pay more attention to how the franchise is run—the leadership, the culture, the systems they have in place to help you run your business. Because, in the end (or when your business grows), you’re not going to be the one actually DOING the service you provide; you’re going to be the one depending on your franchise brand to support you in MANAGING your business.”

My first introduction to franchising was when I heard a friend became a franchisee to a hair cutting franchise. My reaction was ‘he doesn’t know a thing about cutting hair!  Instead, I learned that his franchise had an excellent business plan, where he learned about marketing, management and how to work on his business, not in his business. Ten years later, he is quite a successful business man!

As we review your strengths and interests, we will also be looking at the business profile of the franchise. Part of our research will include talking with franchisees to find out their views of the franchise support. It is important to be thorough so make sure your new business is the right franchise!

This five minute assessment, FranMatrix, will identify:

  • Your Values and Motives
  • Phases of Business best suited you
  • Your Work Style
  • Your core Competencies
  • Sales Orientation

Once we identify your strengths, we can match a business that can capitalize on those strengths.

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