7 Ways To Match You to the Right Franchise

In searching for the right franchise, make sure that the franchise aligns with your own values. To identify your core competencies take this assessment Spot On! Business Builder Profile. Once identified match a business that works well with those strengths.

TC Franchise offers a scientific assessment that will identify the following.

  • Your Values and Motives
  • Phases of Business best suited you
  • Business Culture
  • Your Work Style
  • Your core Competencies
  • Sales Orientation
  • Needs and Wants

This is a $25 .00 value, that we offer FREE to our clients in order to identify their strengths. Next, we match a business that can capitalize on those strengths

This ten minute assessment, Spot On! Business Builder Profile.  **

**(make sure you are utilizing a Microsoft operating system)

By taking this assessment, you have agreed to have a 15 – 30  minute evaluation conversation with Kip Garwood-Tull.

Additional questions, contact Kip@TullConsulting.com

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