Fears That Drown Dreams – Fire Hose Brigade

Dennis Schooley, for the Franchise Broker Association

      While there are certainly legitimate reasons why
a person may not become an entrepreneur, I will focus on a few of the main reasons
cited by people that would like to begin a business but haven’t made that leap.
I will also offer some thoughts on how to defeat the fear, and progress towards
the dream.

Fire Hose Brigade

One of the largest ‘clubs’ on earth is the ‘naysayers club’. No matter what the idea is, it is an easy task to find the naysayers and fire hose brigade to squelch the flames of passion and progress. Whether it’s a spouse or family member, a friend that ‘knows about these things’, a business person ‘experienced’ in these matters, an advisor that is looking out for your best interests (translate that to – don’t advise clients to take any chances because I might get blamed), or someone else, there will always be a multitude of people to tell you
why you shouldn’t do something.

That’s not to say that the advice of people close to you, and people you respect, shouldn’t be obtained and considered. It should. However, it should also be considered as only a part of the formula and not the primary decision criteria. If naysayers had the final say, we would still be in the dark ages because all progressive ideas, all leaps of faith that have driven our progress and our dreams over time, would have been fire hosed by the naysayers’ clubs of the past. They are everywhere and always have been. They say things like ‘pull in the reins’, ‘batten down the hatches’, and ‘dig in your heels’.

We have a note in our Marketing Manual that says, ‘Don’t get caught in the negative norm’. The reason the note is there is because it takes a conscious effort to look at things in a positive light because our natural response to things is a ‘resistance response’. That can lead to erroneous judgments based only on the negative. It’s just the way we’re engineered, and as long as you are aware of that natural human inclination to the negative, you can weigh those responses accordingly and make a proper evaluation of opportunities.

In his book, ‘If it ain’t broke…Break It! Robert Kreigel talks about various forms of firehosers, including:

  • Superrationalists – there is always a rational reason not to do something new –
    “that will never work”.
  • Bottom-Liners – new ideas are seen as potential problems, rather than pragmatic
  • The Seasoned Veteran – “seen it all before” and can prevent you from wasting a
    lot of time, energy, and resources.
  • Yeah, But – they seem to agree with you and then comes the ‘but’… by the way,
    everything before the ‘but’ is bull.
  • Naysayers – focus on what’s wrong with any idea as opposed to the positive opportunities
  • Things Will Get Back To Normal – it’s just a passing fancy so leave well enough
  • Wait and See – doing nothing is best until everything is perfect, which of course,
    never happens
  • You Can’t Teach an Old Dog New Tricks – be afraid of learning something new and
    taking on new responsibility
  • Better the Devil You Know – change will only make matters worse – at least you
    know what you’ve got

Those successful people we all aspire to be think much differently than that. They
think, “I’d rather confront the challenge. I am good enough to succeed. I’d rather
‘just do it’!”

Everyone has a choice on how they approach life, and the opportunities that are
presented to them, either with gusto or timidity. Let the naysayers rule and timidity
will never be defeated. Consider the naysayers’ opinion – just make sure they are
not simply ‘Business Prevention Specialists’ – and approach opportunity with gusto,
and the world will open up.

Dreams are achieved only with gusto.


Dennis Schooley is the Founder of Schooley Mitchell Telecom Consultants, a Professional
Services Franchise Company. He writes for publication, as well as for franchiseopportunityblog.net
and schooleymitchell.net, in the subject areas of Franchising, and Technology for
the Layman.

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