Who Will You Turn to in an Emergency?

Who will you turn to in an emergency?

In the Detroit area, we were hit with a 100 year rainfall, which causes a huge area of flooding – highways closed, basements flooded, businesses closed. Luckily that have been minimum injuries and very few deaths. Many businesses are going to be working overtime – insurance companies, tow trucks, auto repair, heavy machinery, government support and the restoration companies!restoration franchises

Restoration companies will be removing water, drying, mold remediation, carpet removal, carpet installation, repainting, etc. Even exterior restorations are going to be quite busy.

Now these businesses can be quite profitable during normal life circumstances, but especially in times of unusual weather.   Who is doing the best business, the ones that people know their names. Looking on social media, I see the same franchise company names being posted by desperate customers. During casual life, people have time to look and research who they want to do business; but when an emergency happens, people go to the company that is at the top of their mind- usually the franchise.

Who will you turn to in an emergency? ‘Top of Mind’ the business or person that you are most familiar.   Name recognition is one of many reasons why reasons why it is to your advantage to start your new business with a franchise.

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