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DRIVE N STYLE provides automobile dealers the significant advantage of restyling their vehicles on the lot. This is extremely important to dealers because it eliminates the risk of damage or theft, plus “Special Edition” vehicles are always on display for sale. And DRIVE N STYLE uses only the highest quality products. Offering your dealership customers “on-lot” restyling gives you an unparalleled competitive advantage and separates your business from the small independent operators.


  • Low Investment
  • Simple To Operate
  • Great Hours
  • Low Fixed Overhead
  • Low Fixed Monthly Costs
  • Excellent Profit Margins
  • Exclusive Territory
  • It’s A FUN Business!

Full Marketing & Training Support

You won’t be going it alone. Our professional staff will support you every step of the way with complete sales, management and technical training. You don’t need to have any experience or background in the automotive business.

And when you introduce your DRIVE N STYLE business to your dealership customers, we’ll be there with you. You’ll learn first hand, from the pros, how to sell the quality and competitive advantages, and overcome any obstacles. That’s the kind of support you can take to the bank!

Dealer Testimonials

“We feel advertising the Sutherland’s Signature Series, a “Special Edition” exclusive to our dealership, gives our advertising more drawing power. Plus, the Signature Series allows us to differentiate our product from the other Chevrolet dealers in our area. And, when we sell one of these Special Edition vehicles our profit is much greater.”
-Brian Smith, Sales Manager, Sutherland Chevrolet

“Consumers want something different today, and accessorizing our vehicles allows us to give our customers a vehicle that is unique. By accessorizing our vehicles, we not only satisfy our customers’ need for something different, but we make a higher profit on these vehicles. The bottom line: accessorizing helps us sell more vehicles, and make more in the process.”
-Tom Breeze, Sales Manager, Jack Kain Ford

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